HUAWEI brings enterprise data center to a higher level

In line with the concept of providing high-quality data centers, HUAWEI distributed cloud data center architecture, allowing customers to experience the industry’s leading data solutions. Enterprise data center is undoubtedly the best choice. And the calculation method, the full realization of the horizontal, vertical, access and data in one of the perfect combination of four. The data processing enterprises since then becomes simplified, break up the whole into parts. The huge commercial value of this move is absolutely impossible. In data storage, in order to ensure its stability and safety, effective use of intelligence and integration features, mode of open architecture, IT platform to solve all kinds of challenges facing the light, the user is undoubtedly the first choice.

Referred to HUAWEI’s data center management system, have to say is its end to end solutions. Ultra high performance servers, high-speed network equipment, advanced computing also allows users to get a more relaxed data processing services. Especially in some rational model is more complex, and some want to do the experiment due to the expensive cost is limited and can not be implemented, through high performance computing may get reliable data. We all know that computation is a means of seeking answers. When some of the results can not be achieved, it is necessary to carry out high-precision computing to solve, and the end – to – end approach will solve the problem of computing effectively.

Not only that, the data center is also fully consistent with the market trend of energy conservation. Whether board level or system level, will be based on the perspective of energy saving, the implementation of monitoring, and thus achieve a dynamic energy saving purposes. It plays a significant role in scientific research.

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