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Zhanzhi day Huamen is Tianhua wood brand, Tianhua wood group was founded in 1995, is the first domestic wooden doors, solid wood doors, custom closet products line independent production of large wood enterprises, in the way ahead status in the domestic industry Home Furnishing. So, how about zhanzhi Tianhua doors? Zhanzhi Tianhua wood price expensive? Let’s take a look at it.

How about zhanzhi Tianhua wood

Zhanzhi Tianhua belonging to Tianhua wood group, its production of the door has always been to the beautiful appearance, excellent quality, safety, health and environmental protection for good sealing. Zhanzhi Tianhua doors with special wood splicing technology, lively but not rigid, full of fashionable breath. At the same time the facade of wood texture vivid, elegant thick, filled with grace extravagance. At the same time, zhanzhi Tianhua doors using high-quality Zhangsong wood for the wood core, mellow texture, high stability, easy to deformation, the quality is very good. In addition, zhanzhi Tianhua door after moistureproof processing, and the use of all edge technology, more durable.

Of course, no matter what you choose, environmental protection will always be the first. Zhanzhi Tianhua door using solid wood core, E1 green high density plate as the balance board, biodegradable EP material, the Japanese production of three original water-based two-component curing glue, environmental protection industry leading index, even if there is a child in the home or pregnant women, also can rest assured that the use of.

Zhanzhi Tianhua buy wooden door

The most important impression of the door is the &ldquo’s first impression of the house and the facade of &rdquo. Then, how to choose a door which is sincerely and well? Here are some ways to introduce it.

First, look!

The first is to look at the doors of the style is the style of coordination is not cohabitational room collocation, generous concise style suitable for smooth vegetarian style of decoration, elegant style collocation lively and lively style, heavy elegant with classical ease. In short, everything takes coordination and collocation as the first.

Followed by the color. We divide the environment, color and brightness of the room into three colors, namely, wall, floor and furniture. Then, the color of the wooden door can be chosen to be in harmony with the large environmental color system and to maintain a harmonious color system.

Two, touch

After solving the problem of appearance, we have to consider the process and quality of the product. Hand touch their borders, panels, corner, if the reputation wiped dry, soft and delicate, and standing on the side of the door to greet the light, see the door panel paint surface without bump wave, indicating that the quality of the product pass.

Three, the test

Of course, there is no guarantee that we can buy back the door with the best intentions, but what else is available?

First of all, try to choose a good brand reputation manufacturers, because these manufacturers in quality and service are often more standardized.

Secondly, through the relevant certification inspection of manufacturers control related industry standards are complete and true.

Finally, in the installation must pay attention to check the door hole part of the internal material, for the final check.

Zhanzhi Tianhua door price

以上关于How about zhanzhi Tianhua wood以及Zhanzhi Tianhua door price就简单介绍到这里了,希望对您有所帮助。更多资讯,尽在齐家网,敬请期待。

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