How to remove the ceiling lamp in the kitchen? Take care of the ceiling lamp. 0

How to remove the kitchen ceiling? With the continuous development of society, people’s living standard continues to improve, then everyone will put their house decoration is very beautiful, so now everyone is using the kitchen ceiling lamps, ceiling lamps and so what? This is everyone will pay more attention to the problem, and then the family network Xiaobian for you to introduce how the kitchen ceiling light demolition?

First of all, the ceiling lamp is round and square, so the disassembly will be different. Xiao Bian first for you to introduce how to remove the circular ceiling light, the circle is the most good demolition, the first step first remove the lampshade, in the fixed screws can be unloaded. If it still doesn’t work, just try it. Use one hand to secure the lamp holder, and the other to hold the lampshade so that the lampshade does not fall and break. Then, slowly turn the lampshade against the counter clockwise, and the ceiling light should be removed soon. There is also an iron ceiling lamp, this ceiling lamp has no clips and buttons, but this ceiling light is also easier to remove. Iron intermediate ceiling lamps will generally have an iron ball, the iron ball is key to remove the ceiling lamps. We should turn shade stable holds and then twist the iron beads, ceiling lamps was taken down. This method is better, we can choose such a method.

Secondly, how can the square ceiling lamps? Put down the ceiling, then you can see the inside of the spring, the spring to the lira would be better, will soon put the ceiling down. There are other ways to remove the aluminum gusset around the ceiling lamp so that the ceiling light can be removed. This is a very good method. Because the ceiling lamp is square and round, the disassembly method is different, so when you take apart, you should see what shape it is.

How to remove the kitchen ceiling above? Is the Qijia network Xiaobian summary, I believe we have seen after will have a certain understanding in this way when we choose the will is a good choice, if you have any good ideas or suggestions can be put forward to share with everyone. In this way, everyone has a good choice.

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