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As we all know, the kitchen is an important territory of our modern home decoration, and the role of the kitchen water pipe is also not to be underestimated. Don’t look at a small pipe. It can do what you can’t imagine. If the kitchen hose is blocked, it’s also a very annoying thing, so it’s good to learn more about the kitchen sink. Below we will introduce: how to prevent kitchen sewer blockage and kitchen sewer cleaning methods.

How to prevent kitchen sewer blockage?:

Here, tell you how to avoid the kitchen sewer plug, because blocking the kitchen drain is mostly caused by grease, so you can wash the greasy dishes when you can try to use hot water wash.

First, before washing dishes, first remove the oil from the dishes and wash them with warm hot water.

Second, wash dish pool water outlet should install a filter device. Always clean up.

Third, in the kitchen water, the water in the bucket filled with plenty of water to wash the dishes, must pay attention to is washing the kitchen supplies, water will fight in the water after the one-time, this will form a certain momentum in the sewers dirt washed clean, the wall of the garbage is not easy to form.

Fourth, when the weather is cold every day Sanwuji scalded with boiling water pipes, (you can not determine the pipeline in your home is good quality, do not use the water temperature is too high to be hot hot, lest pipeline deformation), so it can effectively prevent the blockage of the pipeline, or even avoid the blockage of the pipeline.

Kitchen sink cleaning:

1, kitchen water pipe cleaning coup

When the underground drain pipe is blocked, it can slowly pour into the soda solution at the drain. Wait a moment, the sludge in the pipeline will naturally decompose and decompose, and then flush with a lot of water, then it can resume the flow.

2, kitchen water pipe cleaning coup

High pressure air gun: This is the highest level of technology I think. An air bottle, such as an oxygen bottle (but much smaller), with a 40cm nozzle outside. Water the blocked pipe to about 10cm of the pipe mouth. Put the metal nozzle into the pipe and wrap it with the wet towel. Turn on the air pressure switch and hear a crisp sound of water. The project is over.

3, kitchen water pipe cleaning coup

Spring bit: more traditional methods, a certain technical content, after all, the use of modern tools. Feel like before the drill bit a principle similar, but there are some limitations, is the bending place, not so.

4, kitchen water pipe cleaning coup

Chemical methods dredge sewer. Go to the mall to buy a professional cleaning powder pipeline, such as swallow Wang, like lime powder and other components; if you drain is a new type of PVC material, you can first use the vacuum pump to suck the water above, then pour vinegar or concentrated caustic soda (Industrial vinegar, industrial base can be) but don’t mix, only one a. If you don’t know, or are unsure, or sure, an old-fashioned iron pipe, I suggest you try it at most with vinegar vinegar. Don’t use a high concentration of acid and base. After filling these things, about 3 hours will have effect, if there is no response, you can only find professional dredge team, forced to dredge.

5, kitchen water pipe cleaning coup

Simple piston made of cotton cloth. To borrow a hammer, then a towel, wet towel after winding into a simple piston in the hammer handle. Then the blocked pipe is pumped straight away from the pipe 10cm or so, the hammer is used as the handle, and the piston is used to dredge. Although the effect is slower than the high-pressure air gun, but the general family may have these tools, temporary solution is still possible.

Editor’s summary: how to prevent kitchen sewer clogging and kitchen plumbing cleaning method introduced here, hope to help you, more information, please pay attention to qijia.

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