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The floor is a necessity in our home, and the introduction of foreign imports of 9 loose floor full set of advanced production equipment, regular maintenance of hand, the formation of “ hand plane positioning system, posts ” hardware and software equipment, ensure synchronous driving. Products tested by authoritative institutions are in line with international environmental standards. Here we have to introduce: how 9 loose floor price and 9 loose floor.

9 loose floor:

Nine Hubei pine tree products Co. Ltd. (Hubei nine Fangyuan special plates Co. Ltd.) was founded in 1993, the hometown of Qichun, covers an area of 2 million square meters, a total investment of $68 million, the quality of Dabie mountain pine is the best raw material for wood floor base, to ensure that the nine pine tree floor source quality; at the same time the company has the international first-class production line equipment in Germany, Italy and Austria, formed from raw materials to the equipment of a complete set of quality resources and international mature technology.

How about 9 loose floor:

After we understand the floor of 9 loose we should look at the introduction, use of 9 loose floor consumer evaluation for 9 loose floor, hope to be able to help you understand the 9 loose floor.

Fee A: very good brand, is an old brand, not much advertising, but the quality of products is very good. My home 3 houses are filled with 9 loose. For many years, no quality problems occurred. The key is environmental protection. And the product is the independent production of 9 loose national Mianjian products, not like those brands are not production base, seemingly a little-known but evil OEM OEM products.

Consumer B: 9 loose floor quality is also good, I used a few years, no problem, that is the most wear-resisting scratch layer thickness. No better than their own production of OEM brand price is much higher, regret is not propaganda, less well-known Dekor etc..

Consumer C: cost-effective relatively high, our home decoration is this, and spent several years, and I feel the quality is still very good, no problems, or is more recommended to buy.

The floor price of 9 loose:

Edit summary: how 9 loose floor price and 9 loose floor is introduced to here, hope can help to you, for more information please pay attention to regulating the family network.

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