How to install modular uninterruptible power supply

The first time I saw HUAWEI, we naturally think of the HUAWEI phone. In fact,Huawei is widely involved in field
.In the Internet, it is also fast. Take HUAWEI modular uninterruptible power supply, it is this one there is also a lot of knowledge in, there is also a difference in the capacity and performance of the different ups power supply, when we buy uninterruptible power supply how to install?

First, before installation, we need to determine the instrument power supply is cut off, the general large-scale power installed power position is in the later part of the instrument, the position of small equipment installation is the bottom, we must first find a position of power or wiring on the outer edge, these transport can be power line.

Second, we have installed line, these are sent, when we can be another shuttle to the instrument when the uninterruptible power supply wire to the above, this time is not installed, we need to look at the installation instructions before installing, so it can be avoided a lot of security problems, we must hide the edge online, so that it can guarantee the safety of users.

In third, the modular uninterruptible power supply installed above as long as you can open the start button, you need to turn off the power when we don’t need, because the portable uninterruptible power supply so it can be used very well, so in the installation above if there is a problem we can find HUAWEI customer service personnel to ask,we don’t need to worry about the use of power outside.

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