How to do a good job of water park marketing efforts?

Water Park to do marketing work to do the following aspects: 1, must be market positioning and the unique selling point to determine. This is a good investment planning in the project, if the initial planning and positioning did not do a good job, the latter part of the remedy is very difficult, so a good investment planning and planning is very important. 2, must be good water park brand communication.

Water park business belongs to the service industry, the service industry is very important word of mouth. How to spread the good word of mouth widely? For now, I think there are two ways to be quite effective, first, through the wireless network. For example, nowadays very popular microblogging, WeChat, QQ group for community communication, as well as some well-known portals and forums, blog reports spread. Can also be spread via domain email and SMS. Second, media events should be used to disseminate the incident. Media and attention should be paid to your water park, mainly through some influential celebrities or competitions.

Media such as television or newspapers will also be given these events Of the reports, causing more people onlookers to enhance the visibility of the water park, Chimelong Water Park engage in the world Miss Bikini Competition is a very good example of success. 3, we must develop appropriate marketing channels. Do water park equipment sales promotion with the local and market radiation tourism cooperation in the region is essential. In addition, we can also cooperate with local and market units and enterprises in the radiation area to give them some convenience and preferential treatment so that they can come and play in groups. Also, you can also network B2C platform (Lynx, Taobao, Dangdang, excellent & hellip;) and some powerful group buy network to cooperate in the above sales of their products and services. 4, do a good job of internal management, we must continue to innovate.

A water park has always been that kind of facilities, up to three years time will be less than a year’s business, to make the water park has been kept hot and rising, we must add new blood, we recommend water park The third year begins with the addition of new facilities each year, a small change every year, a major change in five years, continuous innovation and giving people a different feeling. However, integrating unique cultures and emotions into the project can make the whole project Constantly profitable, constant appreciation.

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