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As a necessary product of modern kitchen, range hoods play the role of soot scavenger in daily life of every household in our country. The lampblack machine has drawn away the lampblack in the room, but inside the lampblack machine is very easy to contaminate many dirt. If you do not clean the hood for a long time, the hood will become a breeding ground for bacteria. Then, how to clean the range hood? What are the cleaning methods for the range hood? Xiaobian next to share with you.

First, the types of range hoods

1, Chinese style hoods, mainly for the old style shallow deep suction hoods. Large occupation space, large noise, easy to drip oil.

2, European style smoke machine, using multi-layer oil screen filter, the appearance of beautiful, expensive.

3, side suction lampblack machine, the use of aerodynamic principles, the first use of the surface of the soot separation board to separate soot, and then clean air. The utility model is characterized in that the cabinet is embedded, and the kitchen space is not occupied, the cleaning is convenient, the oil is not stuck, and the service life is long, etc.. The fourth kind is the modern multimedia intelligent lampblack machine, uses the newest science and technology, realizes the computer control, is in the future people’s kitchen life model.

Two, lampblack machine how to clean? Cleaning method of range hood

1, lampblack machine how to clean is more headache problem. We clean lampblack machine, from the use of hoods start. Before use, the two storage box with a thin layer of soap powder, and then injected into about 1\/3 of the water, so that the recovered oil floating on the water, drained and then modeled on. Or you can put a small disposable oil box in the oil storage tank, and collect the waste oil slowly, then remove it and throw it away. But first we clean lampblack machine, oil filter out a layer of grease on the top, also can be used as a detergent to wipe the body.

2, how to wash hoods hood fuselage?. The range hood mainly comprises a shell, an air duct, a blower, a check valve, an oil collecting device, an illuminating device, a power switch and a power cord. It’s time to figure out which ones can be cleaned and which ones can not be cleaned. First, cut off the power supply of the smoke hood to ensure the most basic life safety. Use a screwdriver to unscrew the screws on the chassis, the chassis and net oil, if oil oil online is very thick, then use the tool will gently wipe off excess grease, and then put into the mixture of neutral detergent in warm water, soak for three minutes with a clean cloth to wipe clean can.

3, lampblack machine how to clean the fan leaf cleaning, in addition to soot net, can also be washed with detergent + vinegar mixed liquid cleaning, this solution is no pollution to the human body. Another is the high-pressure steam process. Specific approach is to put the half pot of cold water, in a pressure cooker for heating, steam is continuously discharged from the minimum pressure valve, open the hood to steam water on the rotating blades, it will follow the oil groove oil sewage flows into the waste oil. The turbine of the lampblack machine is treated in the same way.

The above about how to wash lampblack machine and lampblack machine cleaning method is introduced here, and we want to buy and clean lampblack machine to provide reference significance. For more information, please stay tuned.

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