How to buy a digital camera battery

Currently on the market, digital cameras used in the battery type there are three, namely, alkaline batteries, nickel-metal hydride batteries and lithium batteries.
First of all, the use of digital camera users in the purchase of the battery, to see their own digital camera is equipped with what battery.
If it is five batteries or seven batteries, but not often use the digital camera users, it is best to use better quality alkaline batteries.
Because the alkaline battery is cheap (better Nanfu battery price is only about 5 yuan each), and the power is stronger than the nickel-metal hydride batteries, even in the course of the battery run out, you can also be very convenient
Small shop in the purchase.

and for frequent use of digital cameras on the 5th or 7 battery users, it is recommended to buy nickel-metal hydride rechargeable batteries.
Although the one-time investment is higher, but the cumulative cost must be lower than the alkaline battery, and it can be common with the general alkaline batteries, even if the battery runs out of the situation, you can temporarily buy the same type of alkaline batteries.
Currently on the market 1800 mAh hydrogen battery is the best cost-effective products.
The brand mainly depends on the user’s own economic level and needs, it is best to buy imported brands of batteries, of course, some of the domestic brands, the production of hydrogen battery performance is also good.

In the current digital camera market, equipped with a lithium battery is mainly some high-end digital camera.
Of course, with the popularity of digital cameras to speed up the lithium battery with its good performance, and ultimately will completely replace the hydrogen battery.
But the current price of lithium batteries is still relatively expensive, mainly for some high-end digital camera users.
Under normal circumstances, since they can afford to buy a horse, naturally worthy of the saddle.
For the use of lithium battery digital camera users, the most direct and simple way is to buy a store to buy original lithium battery.
First of all, the store is almost unlikely to have fake, and secondly, the original lithium battery compatibility is better, the camera will not have any damage.

In general, the battery’s profit is relatively high, lithium battery is no exception.
Therefore, with the increasing demand for lithium batteries, but also continue to attract domestic manufacturers to enter the field of lithium battery production.
Like all digital products, domestic manufacturers and foreign manufacturers of the most effective means of competition nothing more than “cheap” ralph lauren pas cher.
At present, many domestic manufacturers of lithium batteries, but quite a mixed bag, although there are many manufacturers with a certain level of production, but there are many poor quality raw materials, poor work, profiteering small manufacturers.
So, the author said in the following how to choose non-original lithium of the Notes.
As the nickel-metal hydride batteries just like, lithium batteries, the most important core components or its batteries.
As mentioned above, the first-class lithium battery batteries are still concentrated in Japan.
For some domestic manufacturers, they are using the Japanese batteries, and then design their own appearance, components, so its performance is not lost in the import of lithium products.
While the price is much lower than the imported products, generally less than 200 yuan.
And some small manufacturers, only profiteering for the use of low-quality batteries produced lithium battery, priced at around 100 yuan, although the price is cheap, but not recommended to buy, because this battery will not take long to change, not as an investment in place
, Buy a rest assured.
So the first note is that users want to pay attention to the brand when the user, do not be moved by the low price, so that “small and cheap, eat big loss & rdquo ;.
In addition, before the purchase must also be noted that the basic digital camera used in all the lithium batteries are not the same, so it is best to bring your digital camera to buy, and field testing to ensure that
The purchased lithium battery can be used on your digital camera.

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