How to brush brush paint 0 common problems

Brush paint can be said to be the most important process, it is said that three points seven material division, paint quality or good effect of three points, brushing environment and operating practices accounted for seven points. However, the specific circumstances of each room are different. The construction methods of the workers in the decoration team are different. The same paint brush may brush out different effects. Next, let’s introduce some common problems about how to paint and paint.

How to paint

Step 1. Prepare

The window, door, furniture and so on can contact the paint place, must use the thing protection, avoids the paint drop, affects the appearance.

Step two, toning

Paint color should be adjusted, so that the paint color evenly, to prevent water stains.

Step three, brush construction

After brushing the paint with a roller, paint the wall and the corner with a brush, especially the seam position and the corner of the wall.

Step four. Polish the wall

After the paint dry, use sandpaper to burnish, can reduce the wall brush mark, let the metope more smooth, after grinding, want to thoroughly clean over the wall.

Step five acceptance of wall paint

After a period of time, when the wall paint is completely dried, it can play a protective function. Then, in the wall paint acceptance, check whether the color of the wall meets the design requirements, paint color is consistent. In case of leakage through the end, brush, foaming and other quality problems.

Common problems of paint brushing

1, choose not good color concerns

Because of the variety of paint colors, many people in the purchase of color when very tangled, do not know what color to choose. If the colors are not chosen, it will have an impact on the decoration style.

2, color is too rich concerns

Indoor color should not be too rich, otherwise, the whole will show very messy, affecting people’s mood.

3, do not ignore the background color

The paint’s background should not be neglected. The general background is white or solid color. In addition, the primer ensures that the new paint will not affect the color before.

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