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How much of a square glass door? Glass door has the characteristics of easy installation, can be reused, fire prevention, environmental protection etc.. Now the large-sized apartment as the mainstream of glass door, glass door and there will be good to solve this problem, push and pull between can enter into another space, can also create a stylish living space, is now young people preferred home. So how much of a square glass door? The following Xiaobian on this issue for you to introduce.

First of all, in the use of Home Furnishing glass door decoration, can be used in the balcony, bedroom, living room, kitchen, study, make the space layout more life, living more convenient, but also broaden the visual effect. Glass door brand Camry, fortune, Shun Xiang, Wuhan, Ying, Allaire, love Home Furnishing wood wood, these brands of glass door prices generally between 200-300 yuan.

Second, the kitchen glass sliding door is not only beautiful and generous, but also saves space, the kitchen door can choose a large area of glass, not only can play the role of smoke separation, but also show the owner carefully selected cabinets. Glass door can not only waterproof and decorative effect. The kitchen is generally divided into frameless glass door transparent glass door, the price is generally around 240 yuan \/ square meters; a transparent glass door frame, the general price of 320 yuan \/ square meters.

Third, the bathroom glass door now in life is often used. The bathroom door toughened glass in the general price of 300 yuan \/ square meters, toughened glass door can use the 5-8mm specifications, independent without support for general 10-12mm glass, such as large format or if the hardware can guarantee the strength and safety reinforcement.

How much of a square glass door? Through this small, has been to introduce. Appearance design glass door gives a strong flavor of the times, long service life, environmental protection. I hope that the content described in this article can help you, of course, you can also buy online in the family, and in terms of price more advantages!

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