How much is the plug of the water heater? The reason for the heater plug heating is 0

Before you know how much the water heater plug is, let’s first get some information about the plug of the heater. Water heater plug is an important part of using electric water heater, but many industries mainly want to save electricity reasons, often plug the electric water heater. In fact, this is not good practice and at the same time, will also reduce the life of the plug, so how to avoid these problems? Don’t worry, I come to you on the water heater plug how much money at the same time, the way to introduce the water heater plug use notice.

How much is the water heater plug?

由于热水器插头品牌、型号、材质、功率及厂家不同,当然热水器插头价格也会有所差异。那么,How much is the water heater plug?呢?热水器插头价格一般在几十元到上百元不等。

Note: this price is for reference only! Due to the different regions, of course, the price will vary. For more details about the price, please quote the local distributor as the standard!

Heater plug heating causes

(1)Heater plug heating causes——局部接触电阻增大的原因

When the plug is used as a power switch, it causes high temperature arc, resulting in poor contact.

Insufficient contact pressure between the plugs and the tongue leads to insufficient pressure.

Poor surface quality and no smoothness, resulting in poor contact.

There is air gap, the electric shock wears, causes the plug temperature to rise, the oxidation layer thickens.

(2)Heater plug heating causes——电源插头局部接触电阻增大的后果

The wire is overheated, causing aging, hardening, or melting. Will cause the following serious consequences:

A short circuit between the fire line and the zero line causes the fuse to fuse or the air switch to trip.

Insulation, carbonization, damage to water heater and even electric shock near the high temperature.

The contact tongue elasticity decreased, the clamping pressure decreased, and the local contact resistance increased.

The connection is burned and the electric water heater stops working.

The arc is badly burnt and discolored, affecting the normal work.

The plug is overheating, insulation aging deterioration.

The resulting in fire or personal accident.

(3) precautions against heating of plug in water heater;

When there is a fault, it should open and unscrew the conductive column in the socket to reduce contact resistance.

Conductive paste on socket and lead post.

When the tongue piece and the wiring screw burn, replace.

The socket and the conductive column are removed immediately, and the same specifications are replaced.

The installation of the socket, with power switch.

Precautions for the use of plugs in water heaters

1, select the required socket to prevent fire. Long time no use, can break the power supply. Frequent use of water can always be done with a long start interval.

2, frequent power failure will lead to failure to start, reduce the plug life, resulting in security risks.

3, you must use the special line provided by the manufacturer and replaced by professionals.

4, check regularly, press the button, to ensure normal work.

5, the use of water heater, shall not turn off the power supply, when failure occurs, can not provide protection.

6, the socket should be dedicated to avoid short circuit risk.

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How much is the water heater plug?

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