How much is the fully automatic toilet? Full automatic toilet, 0?

How much is the fully automatic toilet? The toilet is now in every family will have something, the toilet is also everyone must use things, so now people’s standard of living is constantly improving, then everyone is more know how to enjoy. Well, fully automatic toilets are what many people use now, so how much is a fully automatic toilet? This is the problem that everybody cares more, the small network that gives birth to a family today introduces to everybody, how much is automatic closestool?

First of all, how much money automatic toilet? It should be according to their own choice of brand, some good brand automatic toilet price may be around 5000, of course, is also the general brand, then the price would be about 2000 1000— &mdash. So this is a different brand, the price will be different, then we choose in their own time, according to their own brands to choose. Because everyone’s family decoration is not the same, the economic conditions are different, so we should pay attention to the choice of time.

Secondly, the automatic toilet how much money? This depends on the material you have chosen, the price of good material will be better, because the outside layer of material determines the quality of good or bad. Good material will not look shiny, is a relatively soft light, the material feels so good it is good, will be relatively smooth. Of course not good material will be not good, looks very bright is not natural, so that when we choose to pay attention to, because of different materials at the first mock exam can obviously pay attention to this point so we choose the time. Good material prices may be about 4000, then the bad material may be about 1000, so when you choose to choose according to their own.

How much is the automatic toilet? All of the above is the Qijia network Xiaobian summary, I believe we have seen after will have a certain understanding, so we choose is a good choice, because they know a lot, so the choice will be better, will save a lot of the time. Of course, when you choose, you can buy it in our family website, so it will be very good. They are genuine and the price will be better.


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