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I believe we are not unfamiliar with the understanding of smart sockets. Smart socket development today, fighting so brilliantly, infrared remote control, wireless remote control, WIFI countdown, intelligent socket personality experience more and more popular with young people, they love to follow fashion, fresh and cutting-edge consumer trends, the value of the product, the symbolic boast. Smart socket, powerful and trendy design, become the first choice for many fashion people to buy smart home.

Smart socket function

1. Sockets are “ master ” and “ controlled ”.

2, the indicator light is not bright, the state of no electricity, with high security.

3, received infrared signals will automatically connect the power supply, can be used normally.

4. The work instruction lights out and restores the state of no electricity.

5, with lightning protection, high voltage, overload, leakage function. When leakage occurs, the outlet will automatically turn off the power.

Smart socket development must pay attention to the main points

1, pay attention to the choice of WIFI module

Mainly based on TI. TI chip is used mostly, and the TI module of CC3000 is used mostly. The advantage lies in its maturity, stability and wide application.

2, pay attention to the appearance of humanized design

Appearance is the first impression, looking for an engineering team who specializes in structural design.

3, pay attention to cost control

If the WIFI module comes with single-chip microcomputer, on the one hand, you can save costs, on the one hand make the hardware area is relatively small.

4, pay attention to product positioning

The popular functions include timing automatic socket, mobile phone remote control home appliance, intelligent human body induction, video screen remote monitoring, voice control, etc.. Different from general consumer goods.

5, pay attention to safety

Product safety directly determines the market of this product. Internal resistance is smaller and larger.

Editor’s summary: the above is about the relevant knowledge of smart sockets, you know how much related knowledge, I hope to help friends in this area! For more information, please continue to focus on our website and the follow-up will present more exciting content. You can also go to the Qijia shopping mall to buy your favorite product!

Intelligent socket

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