How does the lighting fixture change the competitive core?

lighting industry “winter” surviving, the pain of the transition, the enterprise or “died down”, or courageously forward, or transformation and upgrading, or “category hodgepodge” or “thin” specialized households.
“Time out of the hero, heroes made the trend”, along with the LED lighting industry experience from the start, rapid growth into the mature stage of development.
The new cycle, the new situation, the new pattern, one by one of the benefits, seeking one of the hegemony, Qingqi lighting industry banner, I believe that the moment to find a new era of the moment has arrived.

Status: New Changes

plate lighting domestic producers mainly characterized by the following features: the large number of small-scale private based.
According to incomplete statistics, the national lighting electrical production enterprises more than 20,000.
As the LED industry continues, what will be the future market structure it?


from “light up” to “pretty up”

the traditional lighting industry, since the solid-state lighting technology into the applications market, the traditional lighting
Industry ecology has caused a huge impact: from traditional lighting to energy efficient and environmentally friendly lighting, from non-intelligent to intelligent lighting changes.
Change, it seems that the traditional accumulation of the lighting industry to do a certain degree of digestion.
On the one hand, the lighting market penetration rate is still speed, the price decline has also been narrowed, business, home market performance is outstanding.
In recent years, home lighting products from a single lighting function to the direction of both the lighting and decoration changes, see the light of the light of the optical solution is the future development trend, from the “light up” to the future,
To “pretty up” transformation, more emphasis on decorative and aesthetic effects.

business license

traditional commercial lighting and LED technology light source is alternately

support the entire point lighting, traditional lighting in the era of light and commercial lighting division is very clear, the era of LED downlights are now planning for the light source, so the LED
The times there is no obvious concept of business, people meet some of the special lighting requirements of the specific lighting known as the “business license”, which, the author from Jinling Lighting Co., Ltd. vice president of marketing with the strong recognition.
According to Huayi commercial lighting general manager Li Zhongning introduction, the future development direction of the business will be based on solid-state light source to adjust the technical changes.
The ideal state can replace the traditional high-power halogen lamp, in view of large-scale places need to show up to 90% or more, the existing product of light efficiency and heat technical problems still need to be overcome.
The current market is still the main source of alternative products, such as LED bulb, LED lights, spotlights and the current market, such as hot filament lights.
From September last year, commercial lighting to implement strict quality inspection requirements, Li introduced the general business needs of the whole product through the 3C certification.
Product standards include light efficiency, refers to the color temperature difference, environmental protection and so on.
In the appearance, the basic shape of the structure, a slight adjustment in the traditional lighting, configuration to standardization, such as light source module, light engine.


wisdom from simple lighting to lighting

LED prices and the use of intelligent control outdoor lighting system driven growth.
Outdoor lighting control markets, including motion sensors, photovoltaic cells, intelligent control and control software, are expected to grow from $ 492 million in 2016 to $ 13 billion in 2025.
In addition, intelligent lighting has become the focus of attention.
Some people think that nowadays intelligent lighting applause, still stay in the concept above, and no real landing; some people think that intelligent lighting is about to enter the tens of thousands of households, as the future trend of the product.
Yangfa lighting in the outdoor field deep plowing for 16 years, according to Zhongshan City Yangfa Lighting Co., Ltd. Chairman Yang Huanming introduced street lamp style from a single functional landscape, from customization to standardization of the transformation and upgrading, is conducive to jump out of the price war.
, To break the geographical restrictions, the focus of outdoor competition will no longer focus on price, technology upgrades, product optimization is the last word.
With the wisdom of the public opinion of the street lights, on the current technology, “the ideal is full, the reality is very skinny.”
The integration of resources to become intelligent lighting is the key to success.

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