How do you remove paint? How do you remove the paint? 0

How do you remove paint? What do you do to remove the paint smell? Decoration now, when it comes to paint, we will naturally put it and toxic gas formaldehyde linked together, paint more or less there will be formaldehyde. Formaldehyde is a very harmful gas, so people are very concerned about how to effectively remove the paint, and today Xiaobian to introduce how to remove paint.

First of all, many people will know how to maintain indoor ventilation for the newly renovated house, best can put all the doors and windows open, make the room air circulation, which can make the formaldehyde release soon reached the effect of air purification. Of course, formaldehyde cleaners are also used by many people. At present, there are many cleaning agents which can remove the peculiar smell of paint on the market. They can effectively remove the harmful gases emitted by newly decorated houses and new furniture. Remove the flavor cleanser into the dish and put it in each room. It will remove the paint after a few days.

A lot of food and plants, there is method to remove the smell of paint, such as pineapple, pineapple is coarse fiber fruits, put a few in each room by pineapple, pineapple with fresh taste can accelerate clear smell of paint, can also provide for fresh air while absorbing formaldehyde. Some plants can also help clean the air. In the home put wild cactus, also can absorb formaldehyde plants. Put a few pots of such plants at home, you can achieve the effect of effective absorption of formaldehyde, remove the smell of home.

Some common things, also can help remove the smell of paint, every day we have to eat salt, some people may not know, salt water can also remove the smell of paint, water has a strong alkaline, can effectively absorb formaldehyde gas from the paint. In the newly decorated house, put a few pots of water, add salt, you can naturally absorb the odor, but remember to change the water the next day.

How to remove the smell of paint to remove the paint smell? How to do? Today introduces the several methods for everyone, through the introduction of this article believe that we already know, the decoration of the house no longer afraid of the smell of paint, hope can help you introduce today.


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