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The wooden floor looks high in the air, but not very good. There are many consumers do not pay attention to, drag the cabinet or children do not pay attention to the beloved wooden floor scraping, laceration. Every time I see the damaged floor again heartache, I do not know how to remedy. Next, Xiaobian teach you some flooring repair method, you can try.

[method of repairing solid wood flooring]

1, floor oil

If the solid wood floor appears above is relatively shallow scratches, it is recommended to use the floor essential oils to deal with, with the floor oil can protect the floor of a layer, so that slightly scratched place will not be deepened discoloration. Start construction: find scratched wooden floor, for the worn wooden floor, first use wet paper, wet soap, water, the surface slightly grinding, but do not grind too deep, do not wet wood surface, and then wipe with dry cloth. If you want to type crystal, first old crystal completely off, light dust suction net with wet sawdust, relatively dry completely erase the old sawdust, until completely dry after the floor, with a soft brush to the crystal oil evenly on the floor, until a few hours will be completely dry; if the bubble after repair fine sandpaper, available light off, in dry weather is better.
2 polishing wax

If the surface of the solid wood floor is not bad, it is just a scratch mark. It can be polished directly with polished wax after the floor is cleaned. Polishing wax is mainly to protect the gloss of the floor, so that the solid wood flooring surface becomes smooth, so that the place will not be scratched for further damage.

3, brush paint

If the wood floor scratches where serious floor paint is damaged or the thief, with 400 sandpaper dipped in soapy water, polished and clean, to be dry after the local color, the color is dry then a paint brush, dry 24 hours, with 400 water sandpaper polished, and then wipe the floor polishing wax.

4, professional maintenance personnel

If the solid wood floor scratches are serious, a large area, then it is recommended that special maintenance personnel to carry out solid wood flooring renovation or replacement.

[matters needing attention in solid wood flooring]

1, when the floor has just been laid out, always remember to keep the indoor air circulation;

2, overweight goods should be placed on a smooth, furniture or hard objects can not be forced push and pull;

3, the use of water can not be soaked floor, if there is outside, should promptly mop the floor with a dry mop;

4. Keep the floor dry and clean;

5, with the floor special cleaning agent, please remove dirt, can not use damaged items for cleaning.

Summary: the above is a small series of floor repair methods introduced, I hope all of you help.

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