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Glass glue is a kind of adhesive. When used, it gives off a pungent odor. When the glass glue is solidified, this irritating smell will be reduced a lot, but there are still a few. So if you use glass glue in the room, you must pay attention to ventilation, so that the gas quickly evaporate. Next, we will introduce how to do the glass glue quickly and how to use the glass glue.

How do glass glue work quickly?

1, stick to the glass glue is curing time: surface to inside the glass curing time of different characteristics are different, so the surface repair must be carried out in a plastic glass surface, however, can be seen from the surface when know why neutral transparent plastic than other conspecifics can glue expensive, although the same is neutral gum but, transparent and other materials of different colors.

2, curing time and curing time of glass glue to see if the plastic glass thickness, 15mm thickness of the glass adhesive acid, general need 3-5 days, if use glass glue is the place where all or part of the closed, then cured time depends heavily on the closed decision. In an absolutely airtight place, it is possible to remain permanently cured. If the temperature is raised, the glass will become soft. The gap between the metal and metal bonding surfaces shall not exceed 30mm.

Notes on the use of glass adhesive

1, in a good ventilation environment using glass glue, after use must open the window, keep ventilation, so that the rapid release of harmful gases.

2, avoid contact with skin, avoid glass glue into the eyes, so in the use of glass glue, use protective cover cover, prevent glass glue into the eyes.

3, use glass adhesive mask, in the construction of glass adhesive when you want to bring a mask, so as to avoid harmful gas inhalation in the body.

4, do not let children contact, after using the glass glue, should pay attention to close, put in the place which the child can not get.

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