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With the progress of the times, many families in the home will be paved floor, then how to choose a good floor it? Now the building materials market on the floor of a wide variety of categories, the number of hundreds, so that we have no way to start. Here we have to introduce: how and how to choose good depin floor floor.

How about the floor depin:

Depin floor — — create a world-class model factory Suzhou Yipin Wood Industry Co. Ltd is one of the domestic production of the largest enterprises of solid wood flooring. Company location, located in Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai center of Wujiang Development Zone eight industrial park, adjacent to 318 National Road, Shanghai Jiangsu Zhejiang Anhui high-speed and Long Lake Shen canal, convenient transportation. The company has 50 thousand square meters modern standard workshop floor production equipment, automation has the most advanced international: German automatic production line, heavy sanding machine, automatic chain ends milling “ power ” planer, wholeclosed imported wear resistant UV leaching production line. The establishment of the modern facilities, testing center and improve the means of complete and strict quality control center, the fixed total investment exceeding 100 million yuan, in the production, development and sales of solid wood flooring, parquet, antique flooring, flooring, flooring and other ecological main business, the annual output of up to 2 million square meters. Its scale and reputation in the national solid wood flooring industry among the best, and become a handful of flooring industry pioneer enterprises.

Brand development:

Since 2003, depin floor product sales to 30% annual growth rate continued strong growth, the market share of products in the same industry, has become one of the largest wood flooring enterprises.

Brand honor:

2009: China’s well-known trademarks, and won the top 500 Chinese brands

2010: 15 years of outstanding contribution to China’s flooring award, and quality management system certification

2011: environmental labeling certification

How do you choose the floor?:

1, product appearance

In the process of home design and decoration, the choice of the color of the floor and the choice of material is very important, because the floor is the background and foundation of the entire home design. In addition, the floor design should pay attention to the tone, the tone is the color matching, but also consider the color purity and brightness.

2 floor quality

The choice of floor materials of tree species, different tree species, the price difference is great. Do not be misled by some non-standard flooring names, and choose solid wood flooring made of natural boards and wood stable trees. Check the moisture content of the wood floor. Moisture content is too high or too low, in use or ambient temperature and humidity changes, there will be arching, corrugated, swelling, shrinkage and other deformation. Good floor moisture content to standard, can extend its service life. Choose wood floor size large hours, the tips should be short, not long, should be narrow, not wide. If the home improvement in the selection of ground heating, the wood floor should be relatively thin choice.

3, floor stitching

With a few pieces of floor stitching at random, check whether the seam, the handle is smooth and smooth. Check the floor and fine workmanship, from the observation and feeling to check whether the quality is fine and smooth, tongue and groove with the installation slot, anti deformation groove assembled the fit.

4, paint quality

Choose the quality of the floor paint, it is best to choose UV light curing paint, first of all to observe whether the paint film surface film even, plump and smooth, there is no leakage of paint, bubble, eyelet and so on. The side paint lubrication of the fingers along the notch along the touch, there is no rough feeling. Nearly half of the manufacturers on the market can not do the paint round.

Edit summary: how and how to choose good depin floor floor is introduced to here, hope can help to you, for more information please pay attention to regulating the family network

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