How about the quick heating electric water heater? The price of the hot water heater is 0

Water heaters are an electric appliance that every household can’t afford, especially in the cold winter. The water heater has a gas water heater and an electric water heater. Because the electric water heater is safe and convenient, many people will choose electric water heaters. The electric water heater is provided with a water storage type water heater, a hot water heater and a hot water heater. “ a fast electric water heater ” a separate class of electric water heaters that differ from both water storage and instant heating. Next, I will introduce the hot water electric water heater and how to speed the electric water heater. If you are interested in it, you might as well come to know it with me!

What is a fast electric water heater?

The first generation water heater is the most common water storage type electric water heater on the market. The second generation is the small size of the market, namely the hot electric water heater, and the fast heating electric water heater is the third generation water heater. Fast heating type water heater has the advantages of small volume, small capacity (less than 20L), the installation condition of low (ordinary families 2.5 square line can be installed), the weather is not affected by water, rapid heating, the use of the process, and no limit to the number of.

The fast electric water heater uses a fast engine heating technique to make low power heating \/ quick heating possible. Corrosion prevention and scale removal technology to optimize water quality, protect the liner from corrosion for a long time, without changing, once and for all. Three types of barrier wall, fast thermal engine heating technology, multiple leakage protection device, the three guarantees to ensure the use of real safety. Low power technology, microcomputer water temperature monitoring, to protect the best internal and external temperature balance, to avoid unnecessary thermal insulation power consumption, energy saving, save money, save worry.

How about a fast electric water heater?

Fast heating type electric water heater can be divided into multiple ways: constant temperature water heater, water heater, speed, speed, wash treasure kitchen Po hot solar companion, electric faucet and other types. The speed of household electric water heater is generally used for short time water dispersion, places less water consumption, water, in addition, quick heating type electric water heater can also be used for small villa, small hostel independent bathroom, Traders Hotel, beauty salons, foot massage, gym etc..

So, how does the fast electric water heater do &ldquo, that is, the open hot &rdquo, which is determined by its excellent core heating technology:

1, increase the heat exchange area, accelerate the heat exchange speed, improve efficiency;

2, extend the heating time, pipe channel heating, long pipes, long heating time, heat transfer more fully;

3, with a good heat exchange medium, fast heat transfer, fast exchange rate;

In addition to the heat of the advantages, speed electric water heater has the hot water quantity is not limited, can continuously supply hot water; small volume, exquisite appearance, convenient installation; hot water; how much power, low energy consumption; temperature models can carry out multi-channel water supply etc..

Is the hot – water electric heater all right?

First, no preheating. That is, instant heating, water gate is really open, hot water comes, fast and convenient, suitable for modern people fast-paced life needs. It is suitable for ordinary household toilet, shower and washing and cooking for the barber shop. Because of the water storage tank without preheating, naturally do not need large and bulky and thermal insulation layer, so it has the advantages of small size, light weight, easy installation, space saving, material saving and other advantages of ARISTON electric water heater is welcomed by the people; the most important thing is to save people’s precious time.

Two, energy saving. Because there is no need to warm up, it does not produce heat when it is preheated, and how much water is put on by how much water it uses. It does not produce as much heat as the storage water heater. Some users to facilitate, but also want to open the water gate, hot water came, have to put the water storage heater always plug the power supply. Beijing experts have done experiments, 40L insulation better water storage water heater, 24 hours a day, a little hot water do not need, but also need to consume more than 1.2 degrees, and the colder the weather, the greater the power consumption. In contrast, the hot water heater saves water and electricity, so the country has classified this kind of products as energy-saving products. In the case of water and electricity shortage, we should popularize this product.

Three, no fouling, long life. Because of the water heater, one end into the cold water, one end of the hot water, hot water temperature is not high, generally not higher than 45 DEG C when showering, thus pipeline will not scale (due to fouling of water temperature more than 80 DEG C), the temperature of a heating is not high, so the damage rate and water heater will be reduced accordingly therefore, this kind of hot water heater electric water heater Smith long life.

Four, water temperature constant, comfortable use. Used for storage water heaters, generally have such experience, beginning to drain water temperature, not cold is hot, after a good tune, with not much water will cool and hot water heater, a good tune will constant temperature, make people comfortable, and more even with such a.

Hot water electric heater ranking

1, OTLAN OTLAN (national protection trademark, namely hot water heater ten brands, Guangdong famous trademark, fast hot water heater GB standards drafting units, OTLAN electric (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd.)

2, Haier Haier (national protection trademark, world class appliance brand, China’s top 500 enterprises, the world’s first white goods brand, one of China’s most valuable brands, Haier Group Company)

3 beautiful Midea (started in 1981, the national protection trademarks, listed companies, one of the most competitive brands, China’s top 500 enterprises, large household electrical appliances group, Midea Group, Limited by Share Ltd)

4 Dente dirnt (heat type water heater ten brands, pioneer, kuaireshi water appliances in the field of certified products, patents and authority of Shanghai de Ling Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd.)

5 (Ferroli was founded in Germany in 1955, fast water heater standard one of the drafters, the largest foreign investment in energy enterprise, Ferroli (Heshan) Plumbing Equipment Co., Ltd.)

6 Harvard Harvard (focus on small household electrical appliances water heater structure \/ new technology product development, non-metallic electric water heater advocate, Foshan Meiqi Electrical Technology Co., Ltd.)

7, Hannover (founded in 1947, Sino German joint venture, namely hot water heater ten brands, industry standards drafting units, well-known enterprises, Zhongshan Hannover Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd.)

8 Rogge Rogo (set design \/ development \/ manufacturing \/ sales services as one of the largest fast electric water heater base, Shanghai hi tech enterprises, Shanghai grams Electric Appliance Co., Ltd.)

9 steel (Bo electric water heater industry standards Cenbian units, advanced production technology and manufacturing process and is in the leading position in the industry, Xiamen e-tec electric shower Co. Ltd.)

10, founded in 1924 in Germany and Germany, is a pioneer and leader of hot electric water heaters. Its products sell well all over the world. (Guangzhou) science and Technology Development Co., Ltd.

The price of fast heating electric water heater

Iverson XA-20 speed electric water heater with remote 20L 5.5KW 1280 yuan

Auril speed electric water heater model ALR-F85 1000 yuan

Italy ARISTON (ARISTON) FLATM48VH2.5AG 48L quick hot, that is, wash electric water heater 3188 yuan

Jzy (UM) um-s8 water heater electric water storage type quick water heater 1580 yuan

Hi speed thermoelectric water heater k55-04d 2000 yuan

Hannover (Hannover) DSC-MF1 7000W that is hot electric water heater, fast hot fast water heater 1680 yuan

Note: this price is for reference only! Due to the different regions, of course, the price will vary. For more details about the price, please quote the local distributor as the standard!

编辑总结:以上就是How about a fast electric water heater?,The price of fast heating electric water heater的相关介绍,速热式电热水器不仅摒弃了前两代电热水器的功能缺陷,还完美融合和提升了他们的优点,充分满足了用户在沐浴过程中的舒适度和满意度。如需了解更多的相关资讯,请继续关注我们网站。

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