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What about the quality of sub tiles? For interested friends, I must want to know the quality of Asia tiles! But Xiao Bian feels that having a price list of sub tiles is more valuable for everyone! In order to help you further understanding, sub Asia tiles, the following Xiaobian for everyone to tidy up a list of the latest 2017 sub tiles price list, and I hope to help you buy!

Asia Pacific tile company profiles

Guangdong Hui Ya Ceramics Co., Ltd. was founded in 1998 aspects, the company covers an area of up to more than 1000 acres, with a total investment of 500 million yuan, is a new type of modern large-scale enterprises. Azia ceramic company has advanced technology and equipment and strong technical force, equipment are all cited Italy 7200 tons press and domestic first-class multiple large tonnage presses, with a number of domestic and foreign advanced roller kiln production line and tile production line, also have their own technical staff and hundreds of independent R & D department a professional, has also established close cooperative relationship with many foreign ceramic technology companies.

How about sub tiles?

At present, our main products are high-end ceramic tiles, high quality glazed tiles and antique tiles. Our products are rich in variety, complete in style and diverse in design and color. All products meet the provisions of the state quality inspection requirements, but also belongs to the green environmental protection products, has been highly praised by the majority of consumers, products sold throughout the country and exported to Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Europe and the United States, Russia and other countries and regions Azia tiles from its inception, adhere to “ to the quality of survival, technology and development ” the operating principle is one of the enterprises passed the ISO9001:2000 international quality management system certification of tile production. Adhering to “ quality first, reputation first, customer supreme ” business purpose, strive to reflect “ high quality innovation, the pursuit of zero defect; quality service, achieve maximum customer satisfaction of ” the quality policy, and constantly go beyond the self, and constantly develop and produce more innovative and more high-quality products, always at the forefront in ceramic industry the.

Azia ceramic tile in the efforts of all staff, enterprises A Well-Known Trademark in China “ ” “ &rdquo Chinese brand-name products, ceramic tile industry; “ Guangdong province famous brand products, famous trademark of ” “ &rdquo, “ Guangdong province; national construction projects recommended products &rdquo, &ldquo Chinese; quality; service, credit grade AAA enterprise ” &ldquo, ” the quality of building materials industry, national demonstration enterprise; “ customer satisfaction products of Guangdong province ” and other honors, and successfully passed the “CE certification”, “Chinese 3C national mandatory product certification”, “adopting international standard product marks”, “ISO9001 quality management system certification”, “ISO14001 environmental management system certification”, “standard of good conduct certificate” and other authoritative certification, consumers formed a good reputation.

Quality of tiles

Quality is the soul of commodities, ceramic tile is no exception, the type of tile after knowing how much, it is necessary to thoroughly investigate the technical indicators of ceramic tiles are excellent. The main standards are wear resistance, water absorption, hardness, color difference, size, etc., each item is sloppy.

Wear resistance is divided into five degrees, from low to high, five degrees belong to super wear resistance, generally not used for family decoration, home improvement brick in between once to four degrees can choose. Water absorption also determines the use of tiles, ceramic tiles with high water absorption of low density, loose brick holes should not be used, in frequent activities, so as to avoid water fouling not clean; low water absorption tiles with high density, high moisture resistant ability.

The hardness is particularly important to directly affect the life of the tile, and the methods can be used to knock sound, the sound crisp indicates good internal quality, not deformation fracture. Color difference, size is based on visual judgment, you can see whether a batch of tile color is roughly consistent, can be better together, the color difference is small, regular size is the top grade.

Of course, not only the technical performance of the identification of feeling, must also look at the manufacturer’s certification, technical standards of products have a certificate issued by the state, such as Azia, Dongpeng, Guanzhu, etc. is a relatively well-known Jinduo product.

Asia Pacific tile price list:

Type Azia ceramic tile wall Azia reference price HBS3072617.55 yuan \/ piece of wall tiles – Jade Hui iane stone series PY01598.30 yuan \/ piece sink iane wall tile – series PSP003A98.30 yuan \/ piece sinks Qingguoqingcheng iane wall tile – all series of PSP002A98.30 yuan \/ piece sink iane wall tile – Postmodernism Series HBS30906416.83 yuan \/ piece sink iane wall tile – Postmodernism Series HAS3073716.83 yuan \/ piece iane sinks wall tile – enduring as the universe series POP005A180.00 yuan \/ pieces iane wall tile – enduring as the universe series POP003A180.00 yuan \/ pieces iane wall tile – last long series of POP002A180.00 yuan \/ piece iane sinks wall tile – enduring as the universe series POP001A180.00 yuan \/ piece sink iane wall tile – classic series of HBS3902616.83 yuan \/ piece sink iane wall tile – classic series of HBS3058616.83 yuan \/ piece sink iane wall tile – nine series PXH 002A223.80 yuan \/ piece iane sinks wall tile – pattern time series PXF006A86.30 yuan \/ piece iane sinks wall tile – convex HAS30838-A316.83 yuan \/ piece not outstanding series

Note: this price is for reference only! Due to the different regions, of course, the price will vary. For more details of the price, please quote the local distributor as the standard!

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