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We believe that for this brand was not feel strange. So, how about the water quality? How to choose a good sink? About the brand of product reputation is good, the outside world are rave reviews on it. With the improvement of living standards, beautiful decoration promotion, more and more people began to pay attention to and about the tank assembly. For the first time to buy about tank friends, it is inevitable to doubt how water quality. Don’t worry, then, I come to introduce the related knowledge about the sink.

How about the quality of water: — introduction

Strict implementation of ISO9001 quality management system, experienced R & D team and strong financial strength of more than 1000 sales outlets, covering all cities and city and are exported to Europe, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and other countries.

How about the quality of water was — sink advantage

Round sand: also known as soft silk, texture uniformity, light soft, ultra high level of technology, is the company’s most advantageous place.

Mercerizing: the name of the industry is straight brushed, and the metal is exceptionally expressive. Synchronous with Europe and the United States, compared to the domestic industry is relatively mature.

Pearl silver surface with high pressure jet, the impact of the surface of the water tank, then through electrolysis, which is formed on the surface of dumb light textured surface, some called sand.

How was sink quality — technology advantage

One molding: a stamping, without welding. Advantages: not easy to nourish bacteria, strong endurance.

Pure hand craft: the first batch of imported pure hand-made, suitable for Chinese people use, production and export volume ranks first in the country.

How to choose a good sink?

1. sink material: features: corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, long service life, often used new, life expectancy of up to 30 years.

2. welding process: bottom welding, butt welding, integrated molding.

3. sink depth: basin depth is about 18 to 24CM.

4. surface treatment: sand blasting, wire drawing, pearl silver surface.

5. bottom spraying: dry spray, oil spray, water jet.

6. automatic console: pull type, lower pressure, rotating type.

7. double flanging: big round, single edge, right angle flat edge, small R angle flanging.

8., launching parts: GB, the water pipe to reach 50mm.

9. patent trash bin: on board, down platform, underground, trough type.

Maintenance instruction

1. Clean and dry immediately after use.

2, sediment at the bottom, can be removed with diluted vinegar.

3. Do not contact hard objects or rusty objects with sinks.

4. Do not leave the rubber dish, wet sponge or cleaning sheet in the sink.

5. Notice that domestic products containing fluorine are potentially harmful to the sink.

6 note that the gas released by bleach or chemical cleaner will corrode the bottom of the tank.

7, photography, chemical ingredients or iron flux, contact with water tank, must be washed immediately.

8, the acid-base food can not be placed in the sink.

9. Do not use a rough object to clean the sink.

10, the wrong method of use will cause damage to the sink.

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How about the water quality

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