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Teak, also called purple oil wood, teak, annatto, known as the king of Muzhi million, is a rare wood famous all over the world. How about teak furniture? Teak furniture, in theory, belongs to the mahogany furniture as precious hardwood furniture, but because China is not producing teak, so the Chinese people’s recognition of teak furniture is not deep. Teak furniture surface oil of high grade rich, strong sense of touch with lubrication; surface planing surface color is through photosynthesis, oxidation of golden ink rich and delicate luster. The production of teak teak furniture rarely on the market; the vast majority of teak furniture or just frame is affixed to the teak skin, the other part is solid but not teak, also some other part of the density board, this can not be called a pure teak wood furniture, only the whole furniture are made of teak wood of teak wood furniture can be called. I believe today’s introduction will help you to further understand the teak furniture.

How about teak furniture?

Teak wood hard, durable, texture clear, straight and uniform, shiny, heartwood golden brown, drying performance is good, no cracking and warping, water resistance, fire resistance; teak can resist termites eats extremely resistant organisms. And teak processing of good nature, easy to saw sawing, cutting smooth. It is easy to nail, and it is not easy to rust.

Teak, known as &ldquo &rdquo, Muzhi million; Wang; in Burma, Indonesia is called the national treasure. Teak is the first choice for western furniture, and it is one of the most valuable timber in europe. Often used to make advanced furniture, wood flooring, mold, sculpture, decoration, veneer and so on. The Shanghai style furniture used in the Republic of China used teak as high-grade material. Teak furniture was very popular in Shanghai, Tianjin and other places during the Republic of China, and its price was the same as that of mahogany furniture. However, a lot of the furniture in “ teak ” is not really a lot was made of teak, beech, oak, elm, sand elm.

The advantages and disadvantages of teak furniture:

Advantages of teak furniture:

1, teak furniture looks beautiful, exquisite texture exquisite. Beautiful, beautiful teak Moxian oil shadow, the overall decoration form in different poses and with different expressions of natural texture. Even more amazing is that it’s planing surface color is through photosynthesis and oxidation of golden color with time and more beautiful.

2, teak furniture corrosion resistance and durability, excellent texture. Teak can resist termites and other biological borers, extremely resistant to decay. And it has a good resistance to weathering. In fact, this characteristic of teak can be seen in ten years before the use of teak furniture. And in these ten years, the grapefruit tree furniture will maintain its beauty as in the past.

3. The expansion shrinkage of teak is the smallest in all wood. According to the report, the size of the galleon in the Zheng He fleet reached 175 meters long, 65 meters wide, and there were three heavy teak hulls and up to 16 independent watertight airtight compartments, which could carry more than 2000 tons of cargo. According to the materials, the Chinese knew then that teak would not shrink if exposed to wind, heat, rain or salt water.

4, teak wood stability, in a variety of environments are not easy to deformation and cracking. From this point of view many teak flooring, teak and its micro pinhole stable structure, the teak wood floors have both strength and toughness, good stability, general hardwood floor after two years of winter there will be a larger contraction gap of 3 to 4 mm; and the summer and the expansion of the drum and the loose sound great. Teak solid wood flooring is very stable, gap changes very small.

5, teak oil content, the more smooth the more smooth. Teak furniture surface is very delicate slippery, the grease in the protection of the furniture to make it shiny and glossy, durable. At the same time, it is precisely this layer of teak oil exudes fragrance, so many insects ants dare not close.

Disadvantages of teak furniture:

Because the demand for teak, teak market leads to uneven, difficult to distinguish between true and false; such as the black gold Manglietia, teak, teak, gold fish, posing as teak; there are many teak furniture materials with teak, auxiliary materials such as wardrobe board, plate, drawer board is replaced by other wood, or the use of timber instead of wood. These furniture do not have the characteristic of teak itself, also cannot talk about value preservation and appreciation.

Method for quality identification of teak furniture

1. eye view. Teak solid wood furniture, wood grain clear, let you feel natural features. Furniture surface is very smooth, very delicate feel, as if soaked by oil, while fake teak is more rough.

2. smell. A small amount of water is sprayed on the surface of the furniture. If the moisture is not absorbed, it is beaded and distributed as teak.

3. combustion experiment. Teak itself exudes a sour taste, similar to rice after the rancid odor, and the smell of teak is generally false.

4. drop test. The water is black core manglietia. A small piece of dried wood is used to burn the teak. The smoke is dense and large, while the teak is less.

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