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Plastic steel sliding door, simply speaking, is the use of PVC profiles, steel added to the formation of sliding doors. The PVC is combined with a certain proportion of stabilizers, colorants, fillers, UV absorbent, extruded material, and then through cutting, welding or screwed to the window frame made of fan installed on the top, sealant, hardware and so on, at the same time to enhance the profile of rigidity, the inner cavity of the profile over a certain length to add steel (reinforcement), sliding door made, called the plastic steel sliding door. So, how about plastic sliding door? Is the price of plastic steel sliding door expensive? Let’s have a look at it.

How about plastic sliding door?

Advantages of plastic sliding door:

1, sound insulation performance: air permeability performance of GB 1, with good air tightness and sound insulation, can guarantee to give you a comfortable and quiet environment.

2, sealing performance: sliding doors and cracks are equipped with sealant, welding structure without cracks, insulation effect is excellent, can fully save energy.

3, heat resistance: can withstand high temperature, with fire resistance, suitable for all kinds of climatic conditions at home and abroad.

4, cheap: plastic sliding door price compared to other materials sliding door, its biggest feature is cheap.

Disadvantages of plastic sliding door:

1, because the profile restrictions, plastic sliding doors generally will be relatively heavy, affecting the aesthetics.

2, plastic sliding door used for a long time, the outer wall will become thinner and thinner, resulting in shorter life.

3, plastic steel sliding door components more parts, long after use easily deformation, discoloration, damage degree is more serious, difficult to maintain.

Plastic steel sliding door price

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