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Refrigerators are home appliances that many families use, so there are many brands of refrigerators on the market, among them Panasonic refrigerators are one of them. Well, how about Panasonic fridge? Is the price of Panasonic refrigerators expensive? Below we will specifically understand how about Panasonic refrigerators and Panasonic refrigerator prices?

How about Panasonic fridge?

The Panasonic Corp introduced its first refrigerator in Japan in 1953, achieving high sealing and advanced technology in small compressors. Over the past 60 years, Panasonic Corp has produced and sold 82 million refrigerators worldwide. Through continuous technological innovation, we have created an unlimited technological level and quality assurance.

Panasonic inverter compressor, low speed and high speed can achieve excellent operation, with the internal temperature of the refrigerator to make appropriate adjustments, good cooling effect, mute effect. The heat insulation layer is made of high-density microcellular foaming technology. It is guaranteed to keep the heat insulation and keep the temperature in the refrigerator. Airbag door seals firmly suck box, effectively prevent heat exchange, and door locking device, the effective organization for opening and closing of the rebound. Refrigerated room adopts toughened glass shelf, beautiful, firm and durable.

Panasonic refrigerator prices

Panasonic\/ Panasonic NR-C31WX2-N (BCD-313WXCB-N) refrigerator 7299 yuan

Panasonic\/ Panasonic NR-C28WPD1-P fridge 5399 yuan

Panasonic\/ Panasonic NR-F605TT-K5 fridge 20315 yuan

Panasonic\/ Panasonic NR-W56S1-NL fridge 9298 yuan

Panasonic\/ Panasonic NR-C25EMT1-V (BCD-245EMTCA-V) refrigerator 4290 yuan

Panasonic\/ Panasonic NR-F475TX-S5 multi door refrigerator 14900 yuan

在选择冰箱时,要从它各个方面来考虑,从性能,功率,外形等。以上关于How about Panasonic fridge?以及Panasonic refrigerator prices就简单介绍到这里了,希望对您有所帮助。更多资讯,尽在齐家网,敬请期待。

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