How about FOTILE sink dishwasher? How about 0 for household dishwasher?

The dishwasher is very familiar to all of us. Our life is more enjoyable and convenient because of the emergence of dishwashers. A good dishwasher, in order to meet our daily habits, can really help the user to solve the problem of washing dishes. Today, there are many brand sinks and dishwashers in the market. Today I would like to introduce some information about FOTILE sink and dishwasher. The decoration of the season, desire for young people to pursue new personality, unique style, the decoration of the dishwasher is undoubtedly FOTILE sink match, not only meet the sensual enjoyment of beauty, but also the liberation of the family hands, health care dishes, make our life easier more agreeable quality.

How about a FOTILE sink dishwasher?

FOTILE &mdash &mdash tank dishwasher;; Ji won the prize

FOTILE “ sink dishwasher ” successfully won the first prize award Chinese design made Kim ji. Is China’s first international award of the highest award. Optimize the people’s way of production and life, boost industrial innovation and development, and provide excellent design works for the transformation and upgrading of small and medium-sized enterprises.

FOTILE sink dishwasher — — China’s best dishwasher

Only for the dishwasher Chinese family, sterilization rate reached 99.9%; removal rate reaches more than 90% pesticide residues in fruits and vegetables. It is understood that the selected works from TOP100, from 17 countries and regions, 30% from abroad, 28% from the province, 42% from other provinces.

How to choose household dishwashers?

Do not take the kitchen space, the installation does not need water to electricity

FOTILE sink dishwasher, compact size, do not occupy space, do not dismantle cabinets, do not change the water and electricity, and easy installation, cost savings.

Chinese wash dishes be nothing difficult

In the kitchen sink FOTILE dishwasher, China problem family, injection system, using cyclone flow relay 360° a full range of cleaning, nook dirt swept away.

Efficient removal of pesticide residues in fruits and vegetables safety

FOTILE sink dishwasher most unique, to remove more than 90% of the surface of vegetables and pesticide residues, to enjoy healthy life, a new generation of people who are curious about new tastes brought a more practical life assistant.

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FOTILE sink dishwasher

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