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We are in high school or junior high school physics, overload this unit, it is one of the power units, generally refers to the active power. When the family receives the new house, it is necessary to start decorating, decoration involves all aspects of things, especially on the arrangement of wires. Not only to facilitate life, but also about the size of the wire must pay attention to whether it can bear all the use of their home appliances, and that the 4 square wire load is the largest number? Today we will come to understand the 4 square wire load related content.

How much watts does the 4 square cable load?

GB allows long term current: 4 square copper core wire is 25-32A. This is theoretical security, and the limit is 8000w. The meter should be 10 (20) Ampere’s..

According to the formula, the three-phase (380V) should not be greater than copper: 28kw, aluminum: 22KW (power factor is 1, and distance is not far), single-phase (220V) should not be greater than copper: 10kW, aluminum: 7kw. 4 square insulated aluminum standard carrying capacity of about 33A (30 degrees Celsius), 4 square copper insulated wire is 42A. Open wire carrying electrical power 7000W, maximum electric power line is generally about 5500W, copper wire 4 square surface maximum allowable current capacity of about 35-40A, 7-8KW load.

The appliance load many families basically at around 7-8KW, copper wire 4 square tube can barely, ampacity must play 20 percent off wire wear, summer wire may heat scorched, so usually try to avoid all electrical appliances at the same time open.

4 square wire

Commonly used in just now, we also said that there are many specifications for home improvement wire, but the general renovation of the mole used on 2.2 square below the wire, then 4 square wire is generally used for what?

4平方的电线一般用于房屋的接入线还有就是空调用线,有浴霸和电热水器同时使用的话,那么4 square wire也是必不可少的。一般情况4 square wire可以用于中央空调、电源连接线、立式空调、插座线、装潢明线、照明线、热水器、进户总线、挂式空调、等等。

关于4 square wire负荷,我就介绍到这,希望对您有所帮助,更多装修资讯,尽在齐家网,敬请期待。

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