Home stores and flooring business survival embarrassing innovation marketing model is the key

[at present, home stores gradually showing expansion trend, flooring merchants as an integral part of home stores, in this context, also ushered in the “ &rdquo expansion is the situation. Although the major home building materials stores have launched such as promotions, rent reduction, electricity providers and other multi-channel breakthrough, but still can not cover the dismal situation of the industry. Floor businesses in this environment, how to seek development?
Limited development of home stores
In recent years, with the gradual development of the flooring market, the appearance of home stores makes the flooring enterprises usher in an opportunity for development in this situation. However, due to the impact of the economic environment, the home building materials industry is currently in a relatively low tide of development. Although the current floor products sales channels have become more and more, but home stores as one of the sales channels of enterprises, how to effectively develop, also need to attract the attention of enterprises.
If the store or to rent and simple services based, so in the mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore is likely to flood, the sand is scouring away. Many flooring brands in the choice of stores will be based on their own strategic planning, market structure and comprehensive evaluation of the stores. They choose to enter the store, more dependent on the store side to benefit them, this dependence in the market environment is good, seems to be no problem, once the market cold, the contrast will be quite obvious.
Home stores and flooring enterprises need to adjust the strategy in a timely manner
A few years ago, due to the flooring industry by holding, profits considerable, in recent years, flooring enterprises have risen, and then appeared in excess of the store. This is &ldquo or ” follow suit; made the results, but if in this environment, the solid wood floor ten brand enterprises can inspire potential, with good strength, to create personalized management mode, to attract high-quality merchants settled, or to create a business opportunity in adversity.
In the increasingly fierce competition situation, for it means to perish, another new way and innovation of marketing channel is the magic weapon to rescue. So in the store and constantly improve the service mechanism at the same time, also want to develop in line with market marketing resources, the establishment of channel development department, complete the store brand promotion deepening and expansion project of &hellip network platform to build stores; … create a business environment better for businesses, more stores to win market opportunities.

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