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As we all know, the bathroom is every one of us will be frequently used in life, it plays a very important role, if the toilet problems can affect our daily life, here we have to introduce: the old toilet water pipe renovation and installation of water pipes is it useful to note.

Transformation of existing toilet plumbing?:

1, the toilet blocked due to improper use

At present, the decoration of the old house decoration experts group experts said, on housing pipelines have design specifications, even the old district, the pipeline should also be in line with the design specifications. According to reports, the sewer pipe diameter of 100mm, households connected to the toilet pipe diameter is 100mm, for toilet sewage is completely enough, therefore, the toilet plug is unlikely to be caused by the pipe is too thin.
But experts say that in the daily use of the process, the toilet jam is mostly caused by improper use, such as toilet litter, or hair, etc., may cause the toilet blocked. “ especially hair, it’s easy to clog up pipes. &rdquo: she said that the old district of the toilet block, mostly caused by improper use, coupled with the use of time is too long, the tube wall is easy to hang dirty, more likely to cause the toilet blocked.

2, the pipeline is feasible but limited

As for the practice of reforming the sewer pipeline mentioned by the quarter friend, experts said that if only the part of the sewer pipe was changed and the main pipe remained unchanged, it would not be possible to change the blockage.

Experts say that because of sewer blockages, it usually happens in the sewer pipe to the pipe well, so the toilets on one floor are more likely to clog up. If the occupants are on the first floor and meet multiple conditions, they can also solve the problem of toilet clogging by rebuilding the pipes. If the household is close to the check pit of the District, or near the pipe trench (for the trench of the pipe laying), the original drain pipe can be abandoned and a conduit is re connected to the sewer pipe. But it first requires the consent of the consent of the property, then may involve piercing a hole in the wall, and the cost will be relatively high.

Notice of installation of sewer pipe:

1, toilet water pipes are basically from the roof, because this can reduce the probability of man-made damage, and cold and hot pipe interface, out of 1, the mouth must be parallel, usually the heat pipe in the left, cold pipe in the right. In the design of the pipeline should be avoided as much as possible from the bending clamp circuit, the position of the slope should also meet the needs of each valve should be installed to facilitate smooth, use and maintenance of the day after.

2, the installation of hot water pipes need to pay attention to is the difference between inlet and outlet of the water heater, the water inlet is connected with the water outlet connected to the valve, the toilet pipe, installed after the first open the valve to determine whether there is a Water Leakage case, and then installed in the bathroom faucet, shower head.

3, the bathroom is the most dark and the whole family, the most easy to accumulate moisture, so ventilation is especially critical, if we can design a window in the bathroom is best, if do not have this condition, in order not to let the toilet appear moldy, woodlice phenomenon, in addition to install exhaust fan, but also to avoid the &ldquo package; &rdquo phenomenon; the occurrence of many people love the toilet pipes wrapped tightly, which is causing moisture were scattered out in the pipeline, so it will make the moisture inside toilet more serious.

Editor’s summary: old toilet plumbing transformation useful, as well as plumbing installation notes here, and I hope to help you, more information, please pay attention to Qijia network.


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