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As we all know, house decoration is a very troublesome and tedious things, from buying materials, please decoration to the construction team, construction, acceptance is a very complex issue, but there is a more complex problem is the completion of the renovation, interior decoration pollution control work. Here we will explain: indoor pollution control methods and indoor pollution control four major mistakes.

Indoor pollution control method:

A formaldehyde scavenger + decoration deodorant treatment process is brushing formaldehyde scavenger on the formaldehyde absorption principle developed by plants in the furniture and wood-based panel products exposed surface, which penetrates the internal sheet, free formaldehyde and internal sheet produced polymerization in order to clean the free formaldehyde in the plates; and the use of furniture in addition to taste in addition to strong oxidizing agent and decoration gas flavor produced by rapid decomposition of the furniture or the indoor air formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia and other pollution decoration material. But this process requires higher construction requirements, all the pollution sources must be treated, otherwise, the formaldehyde concentration can not meet the standard requirements. For decoration before intervention, the process is relatively easy to guarantee, but the decoration after the intervention, there must be unable to handle to the dead, in addition to paint surface has the certain formaldehyde shielding effect, but also very slowly release formaldehyde, it is possible to make can not reach the standard after treatment. This method can be combined with second methods to complement each other, and the effect is remarkable.

Two, nano photocatalyst is the use of nano photocatalytic materials in light irradiation, through the production of free radicals, can be decomposed decoration produced formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia and other pollutants and pathogens and other pathogenic microorganisms. This method can effectively decompose and reduce the concentration of indoor decoration pollution, but can not play a role in under the condition of no light, another major source of formaldehyde pollution is more difficult to deal with such a process at the same time to furniture; decoration pollution control requirements, down to the state standards, the need for a long time, especially the more serious exceed the standard the case.

Three, activated carbon adsorption, it can continue to continuously adsorption of air pollution material, do not need power supply. However, there is a saturation problem, namely, the more adsorption of activated carbon, the worse the adsorption capacity, so that the adsorption capacity will be lost.

Four, there are many kinds of cleaner, mainly, activated carbon adsorption, ozone decomposition and chemical decomposition, but these require continuous power consumption, due to pollution is continuously released, once the power off, pollutants concentration will inevitably continue to rise. In addition, the purifier can not be processed inside the furniture.

Four Misunderstandings of interior pollution control:

Misunderstanding 1: governance indoor pollution is to eliminate formaldehyde

Formaldehyde mainly comes from the use of artificial board, furniture and decoration of the adhesive and carpets and other synthetic fabrics, the concentration exceed the standard will cause nausea, vomiting, cough, chest tightness, asthma or emphysema, is one of the main pollutants of indoor air. Because it is indoor pollution of “ the number one killer ” therefore, a higher awareness. Many consumers believe that the elimination of indoor pollution is to eliminate formaldehyde, but in fact it is not. In addition to formaldehyde, a large number of chemical materials from use in architectural decoration materials, such as benzene solvents, diluents, adhesives, coatings, such as benzene, toluene, xylene and other chronic poisoning, long-term inhalation of benzene concentration of air caused by benzene induced edema, allergic dermatitis, throat and thrombocytopenia, serious still may cause aplastic anemia.

Misunderstanding two: use standard materials to avoid pollution

Standard material refers to the release of harmful substances below the national standard, such as the state of artificial board and its products formaldehyde emission requirements of mandatory national standards for each liter of air shall not exceed 1.5 mg. But if the same material in a certain area, a large number of cumulative use, and its harmful substances are accumulated, and finally may cause the house decoration, harmful objects over standard.

Misunderstanding three: ventilation alone to reduce indoor pollution

Ventilation is the replacement of air. The higher the rate of indoor and outdoor air exchange, the better the effect of reducing indoor pollutants. Strengthen the ventilation, outdoor fresh air to dilute the indoor air pollutants, the toxic and harmful gas concentration, improve indoor air quality, is one of the simplest and most efficient method of decoration pollution prevention and control.

Myth four: relying too much on plants

A green plant used to decorate the living environment. It is an effective tool for purifying indoor air. Some people like to put a few pots of flowers in the living room, not only play a role in beautifying the environment, but also can make people happy. For example, ivy, cycads can absorb benzene and organic matter, Chlorophytum, aloe and other plants can absorb formaldehyde. But the characteristics of flower plants in action is slow, long time, and the adsorption decomposition is very limited, a large amount of room for decoration, the effect is almost negligible. Moreover, some flowers should not be placed in the living room, to remind the vast number of property buyers in the choice of plants must be careful.

Editorial summary: indoor pollution control methods and indoor pollution control four major mistakes introduced here, hoping to help you, more information, please pay attention to family planning network.

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