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Winter dry, and because of the cold, the daily life at home with fire, electricity, gas consumption increased, little attention is easy to fire, so the daily electricity safety and fire prevention is very necessary. This small series from building materials, household appliances and other aspects to introduce home fire prevention measures, come to understand it.

First, the first step to prevent fire, home decoration, fire protection

Winter is the decoration of the peak, many people choose in the years before crashing up house, new year can move into new homes. Need to know, decoration, fire prevention is the first step in the occurrence of household fire. Decoration process should not only pay attention to prevent improper operation, lead to fire, and the quality of the decoration also directly affect the fire safety of the later room. Good decoration fire, we must abide by the following principles of decoration.

1, decoration materials fire protection

The three essential factors for the fire are the presence of fuel, combustion supporting agent (air, etc.) and fire source. Many decoration materials at home, such as wooden screens, tapestries, curtains and wooden carved doors and windows, have objectively increased the fire load of houses. After the home fire accident, most of the decoration materials are the factors contributing to the fire. How to prevent the occurrence and expansion of fire, decoration materials from this piece is concerned, you can achieve this goal through three aspects.

2, renovation, fire protection

The house owners received from the real estate business, the housing structure will have an idea of the transformation, such as open hole enlargement, wall space, open doors and windows to increase the beauty of the room and personality. However, the random demolition will affect the fire resistance of the house, mainly in two aspects:

Random Chaigai with fireproof function of wall in the housing demolition process, if removed is the load-bearing walls or wall with fireproof function, will reduce the fire rating of the building, the safety of the overall housing decline. Therefore, when the wall is dismantled or dismantled, it may be implemented only after the original design unit or the design unit with corresponding qualification grade has been approved. In addition, alterations to heating, gas pipelines and facilities must also be approved by the heating management unit and the gas management unit.

To decorate the balcony or used for it: the balcony is a fire safety escape after the accident, the fire is a lot of people through the balcony to escape. Therefore, can not increase the fire load in the balcony decoration decoration, do not use flammable materials, but not the balcony to the storage room; in addition, suggestions or balcony with network security fence all closed down, need to leave exits.

3 、 construction operation fire prevention

Home decoration proposal to choose a formal Jiezhuang company, not only can regulate construction, but also reduce the legacy of fire hazards. In Jiezhuang construction process, should pay attention to timely clean wood, wood shavings and other flammable materials; can not pull the wire, no smoking; need to test welding, welder’s construction quality, prevent undocument etc.. At the same time, you can choose qualified decoration supervision company, supervise construction, guarantee construction standards, eliminate fire and other hidden dangers.

4, circuit decoration fire protection

In the family decoration process, the most likely fire is the electrical line. To prevent fire hazards in electrical wiring, the most important is the laying of electrical wiring. We must choose the regular company hold a certificate of the regular electrical construction; in the choice of wire, insulated copper wire or flame retardant insulation copper wire to choose the regular manufacturers; laying electrical wiring in the ceiling or the interlayer, must wear insulated metal tube or sheathed flame tube, and the tube can not have joint.

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