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Now many friends for home floor decoration are more attention, and floor tiles as daily contact with our ground decoration is particularly important. How to choose floor tile is quite exquisite, if tile selection is not good, back after paving good problem, this will cause the time, money, energy consumption and waste, today we will work together to learn how to choose right under the floor tiles!

How to choose the method 1, floor tiles, should first understand the family decoration style, decoration style tiles according to the selection of a suitable, if you do not understand the decoration style just to buy Tiles, floor tiles no matter how the quality is, will bring bad effect to your decoration.

Floor tiles how to choose, method 2, the same kind of material of the same grade tiles, often prices have a big gap, these gaps in addition to brand reasons, but also may be domestic and import factors. In the selection of tiles, not necessarily import expensive bricks, in the same material and grades, usually choose domestic brands of floor tiles will be relatively save money.

Floor tiles how to choose, method 3, family decoration, each space is different, the materials used will be different. Therefore, to determine in advance what space is suitable for ceramic tile, water more places than the floor tiles, such as kitchen, bathroom, bathroom etc. suitable for floor tiles, bedroom and the living room can according to their own preferences to select tiles or the floor, as long as consistent with the overall style of decoration on the line.

Floor tiles how to choose, method 4, floor tiles in general circumstances, including glazed tiles, brick and the whole body, polished tiles and other types, they all have one thing in common, that is, non slip. Although beautiful, concise and generous, but not particularly suitable for home owners of old and young friends, decoration purchase, it is recommended to do some anti slip test at the time of purchase, just in case.

Floor tiles how to choose, method 5, family decoration tile specifications are 300× 300, 300× 450, 300× 600, 600× 600, 800× 800, etc., especially the living room with tiles, there are more than 1 meters specifications. Among them, the most commonly used glazed tiles on the floor are 300mm&times, 300mm and 330mm&times, and 330mm two.

If the bathroom in 2 square meters to 4 square meters, suggest to try not to use large size tiles, bathroom space is small, the corner, large tiles often need to cut wasteful, but also a little difficult ground leveling, installation of floor drain is not very convenient.

How to choose the method 6, tiles, first from the box to remove any one, to see if the surface is smooth and intact; glaze should be uniform, bright, no spots, missing glaze and bump phenomenon around the edge should be neat.

How to choose the method 7, tiles, a piece of brick to knock another piece, or other hard objects to knock on the bricks, brick if the sound is ringing, loud, indicating good quality of brick, burned cooked; if the abnormal sound, that is not good, the sintering brick internal crack.

About tile how to choose, I will introduce this, I hope to help you, more decoration information, in the family network, please look forward to.

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