Highlight the core competitiveness of flooring enterprises or start from the integration of resources

[flooring industry in the country after nearly thirty years of history precipitation, and gradually developed into today’s grand situation, and now, flooring industry flooring brands are too numerous to mention. Relative to the existing market demand, the flooring industry after years of development lag, has now appeared overcapacity problems, and how to resolve the overcapacity, the floor has become a problem urgent.
Integration of resources to enhance the comprehensive competitive strength of enterprises
The so-called resource integration refers to the flooring business needs of different types of resource identification and selection, integration and configuration, and draw activated, so that it has good flexibility, organization, system and value, and create a complex and dynamic process of new resources. In this process, the floor enterprises of different sources, different levels, different structures and different contents of resource selection, absorption, activation and organic integration, and to reconstruct the original resource system, discard worthless resources, to form the core of the new system of resources.
Relatively speaking, this effective resource integration is the best combination of the core competitiveness of the flooring enterprises, the most sought for resource allocation and customer demand, but also an important means to enhance the overall competitiveness of enterprises. To walk in the forefront of the industry flooring enterprises, financial strength, technical ability strong, can develop steadily, overcapacity has little influence on the floor, but for small and medium enterprises, is powerless in the face of these difficulties, therefore, timely integration of resources has become a key moment in the process of enterprise development.
The integration of flooring enterprise resources needs many angles
In serious excess capacity situation, flooring companies expand and market discourse scale through mergers and acquisitions to increase, which is the capital of integration; continue to carry out energy-saving emission reduction enterprises is the integration of the natural environment; extension of industrial chain is the integration of the product market; participate in association activities, the association is the integration of the platform industry resources.
In this, the sign of the success of the annexation and reorganization of the floor enterprise is not the transfer of assets after signing the contract, but also the successful grafting of the enterprise culture in the acquired enterprise. As a large enterprise, for the healthy development of the industry and how much you take social responsibility, in this sense, the process of resource integration process of the flooring industry resource integration is an excellent enterprise, and the integration of resources is conducive to the healthy development of the industry transformation and upgrading.
Under the background of fierce competition in the market, the flooring enterprises can only be continuously eliminated by the cruel market competition only by continuously integrating resources and facing the internal and external pressures with the best organizational structure.

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