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Radiator is made of copper and aluminum, in accordance with the radiator, exquisite workmanship. Radiator has the effect of heat dissipation, high work efficiency, can continue to stabilize the indoor temperature, has been loved and supported by many families. Next, we will introduce the heating radiator cleaning notes and the service life of radiators.

Heating radiator cleaning matters needing attention

1, close the backwater valve

In order to ensure safety, when cleaning the radiator, turn off the return valve, and then wrench the radiator side with the hand gently unscrew. However, when the plug is gently unscrewed by hand, the radiator will drain some water, and then you can use the water in the basin to flush it accordingly.

2. Rinse the radiator

When washing the radiator, rinse the water out of the radiator until it is clear. If the water is clear, you can turn off the temperature control valve.

3 、 different cleaning methods of radiators

When cleaning the copper and aluminum composite radiator can be used, no use in wet wire, tied to one end of the mop on the other end, through the hole in the radiator. Then, while shaking the rope, while slowly pulling cloth, repeated a few times you can clean the radiator.

Service life of radiator

1, usually should not put wet things on the heating

In use, do not slap on the radiator or hang things on the radiator, which will reduce the service life.

2 、 steel radiator is suitable for full water maintenance central heating system

To choose the radiator anticorrosion technology in the purchase of the radiator, otherwise it is easy to be corroded, resulting in Water Leakage; although the aluminum radiator heat transfer ability, acid resistance, oxidation resistance, but prone to alkaline corrosion, because most of our water is alkaline, so rarely used aluminum radiator and Aluminum Alloy radiator.

3, heating position can not be arbitrarily changed

The heating position should not be moved at will. It is better to keep it stable. If you change the position, it will cause uneven indoor temperature. On the other hand, once the pipes and radiators are moved, it is easy to leak and cause unnecessary losses.

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