Hard power is the basis of development, soft power is also a prerequisite for the progress of ceramic tile enterprises

[] normal people have two legs, normal tile enterprises have two legs, one leg is hard power, such as products, services, prices, marketing channels, etc.; the other leg is soft power, including tile enterprise brand, culture, public relations, external communication and image. After a tile enterprise has the necessary economic foundation, then plans a broader world, then the cultural soft power appears very necessary, not only is the guiding principle in the policy, but also is the external image display.
The weakness of its soft power has an important influence on the development of tile enterprises, and influences the management of production and management, and influences the society’s self-identity to its own enterprises. Tile enterprises to do bigger and stronger, do long-term, must be two legs equally developed. The soft power represented by culture is of great significance to tile enterprises.
Whether in China or the world, as long as there is a bit of age enterprises, it seems more or less have their own set of “ corporate culture ” Google has a culture of Google, Baidu has Baidu. Some seem so wonderful “ ” and eloquent, such as “ Crane Dance Pak, my heart fly, ” some enterprises are all “ &rdquo &ldquo ” unity; struggle; “ “ &rdquo to ” the words like love. Although the tone of the expression is too grand and too narrative, there is still some truth in the directionality of these expressions. It can make a tile pattern the enterprise gradually become larger, because we China tile enterprises generally is from scratch, from small to large enterprises in the growth stage, so the tile needs such values as their mission, &ldquo “ ” ” vision; “ &rdquo and “ the spirit of philosophy; ” even if they do not, and cannot deny that they have a sense of direction.
The ceramic tile enterprise culture construction time and atmosphere are very important, time is a porcelain enterprise culture is the result of long-term accumulation of experience, through continuous change in the process of evolution in the accumulation of enterprises to long-term survival and development of “ ”. These enterprises have their own values and world outlook. The atmosphere is a true corporate culture, and it should be our psychological understanding and a common vision. These things should be mainly natural “ forming &rdquo, not “ &rdquo. Together, the climate becomes, and then new people come in, affected by it, for its assimilation, over time, the entire tile enterprises in the values have a similar tendency – this is the real enterprise culture.

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