Hangzhou paint through coating, hazardous production permit on-site review

China Zhejiang news, July 15, 2008, the national hazardous chemicals paint product review department sent by Feng Shifang (director of the national quality supervision and Inspection Center for the head, paint) Ma Xinhua (secretary of the Zhejiang province Coating Industry Association), Fang Lu (Zhejiang Chemical Research Institute senior engineer) for the expert review group, on the first province for coating products license for the production of dangerous chemicals enterprises — Hangzhou paint company limited on-site audit. Review the rules for the coating of dangerous chemicals license implementation group on the basis of the national “(hereinafter referred to as the rules) after reviewing the scene, think of the enterprise in quality management responsibilities, production resources, human resources, technical document management, process quality management, product quality inspection, safety protection and industry special requirements of seven aspects in accordance with the” rules “with the application requirements, 3 varieties of paint varnish, color paint unit and auxiliary materials and related products, announced through on-site review. The review group on the basis of license review procedures for on-site product sampling, sample letters to national coating quality supervision and inspection center received 20 working days in the sample inspection report, approved by the State Administration of quality inspection certificate.

Hangzhou paint Co., Ltd has become the first enterprise in Zhejiang coating industry to review the production license of national hazardous chemicals coating products. (author: Xiao Meiyu)

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