Green economy trend highlights, flooring enterprises need to implement the road to environmental protection

[with the rapid development of the society and the continuous progress of the industry, the non directional factors on the floor market are increasing gradually. With the increasing emphasis on low-carbon environmental protection products, the flooring enterprises are facing new challenges in this situation.
Flooring enterprises, environmental protection only stay on the surface
With the increasing energy saving and emission reduction efforts, the community has paid more and more attention to the work of energy saving and emission reduction. As a traditional industry, the flooring industry has high energy consumption in the material requirements, manufacturing processes and other aspects, and should pay more attention to energy saving and environmental protection work. Green economy has become the global development direction, green development form and consumption pattern will become the new trend of Chinese flooring industry. Truly green environmental protection flooring products must be high priced, high profits profiteering products.
But in fact, green floor is just stay in the concept level, the social green trend, many enterprises are dressed in fashionable green “ ” — — conform to the trend of low carbon environmental protection occasion, really can do “ green heart ” — — not only to ensure the health products on the human body which can realize environmental protection and low carbon floor enterprises in the development, design, supply, production, logistics and so the whole industry chain, only a handful of.
Walk the road of environmental protection, enterprises need to implement
On the current situation, consumers with green products is limited to the formaldehyde emissions have a direct impact on human health products on the floor, and the floor is environmental protection, energy saving, low carbon is not concerned in the production process, because this and consumers have no direct interests, consumers are reluctant to pay for. Therefore, the real green flooring enterprises to spend a lot of educational costs, to guide and convince consumers, and help consumers how to identify and use a truly environmentally friendly, low carbon products.
In order to truly achieve environmental protection, low carbon, a variety of environmental costs should be incorporated into the cost component of the enterprise. Relatively not included in the cost of the enterprise, the real green environmental protection enterprise product costs must be pushed up. Green floor to achieve environmental protection, low-carbon, we must buy advanced environmental protection equipment, the application of environmentally friendly, low carbon technology, hire high-end professional environmental protection and energy saving talents, these are to cost, or even huge input.
Therefore, the floor enterprises in environmental protection on the road, can not just stay at the surface, in environmental protection has become a trend in the background, only will improve the performance of environmentally friendly products, flooring enterprises can win in the fierce competition market opportunities.

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