Green building materials project started integrated ceiling, multi pronged approach to environmental protection

Green buildings, green building materials, and severe environmental pollution have led consumers and governments to put environmental protection standards for buildings and building materials into the first measurement of products. Green, environmental protection, low carbon words continue to enter the integrated ceiling industry, and enterprises to achieve real environmental protection, we need to start from many aspects.
Green building materials project will ease domestic pollution chaos
Green building materials consumer protection project is a comprehensive service system, covering all aspects of environmental protection, product detection, insurance brand monitoring, social responsibility, public assistance, protection and assistance, by a single mechanism is difficult to complete. With so many domestic and overseas authorities participating and supporting, it is a precedent for the building materials industry in china.
The work of “ &rdquo security engineering; design of integrated system, its fundamental purpose is to end the frequent decoration pollution phenomenon in our country situation, purify the integrated ceiling and other building materials market fundamentally, make fair competition of enterprises, so that consumers can buy products, let life return to the embrace of the natural green Home Furnishing.
Integrated ceiling enterprises environmental protection needs to start from many aspects
In the decoration of building materials, integrated ceiling and consumers often deal with products. Because in the bathroom, so integrated ceiling brand, strengthen environmental awareness is particularly important. Today, health has become an important indicator to measure people’s living standard and quality. It has also become the focus of consumers’ choice of integrated ceiling products, or integrated ceiling products to enhance market competitiveness. Some enterprises through scientific and technological innovation, so that the production of integrated ceiling products have better health attributes. More integrated ceiling enterprises to expand the concept of health expansion, extended to the production link, so that health benefits not only consumers, but also benefit from producers.
The market competition of integrated ceiling products is becoming more and more fierce. From the angle of environmental protection, low carbon and green, it has become the focus of competition of integrated ceiling products. Faced with the diversified trend of integrated ceiling products competition and the diversified demands of consumers, health elements will show their unique competitive potential both in design, production and use.

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