Global coating industry in 2019 market will reach US $7 billion 590 million 400 thousand

[], a UV coating market:
According to the U.S. market research firm MarketsandMarkets latest research report shows that in 2013 the global UVCC market value of approximately $4 billion 225 million 400 thousand, is expected to reach $4 billion 594 million 600 thousand by 2014, and by 2019 is expected to reach $7 billion 590 million 400 thousand, 2014-2019 compound annual growth rate of about 10.6%.
The Asia Pacific region is the world’s most important market UVCC, is also the largest market. In 2013, its consumption accounted for nearly half of the global market. UVCC is expected to market 2014-2019 the area of the compound annual growth rate will reach 9.9%. Among them, China and Japan are the region’s largest consumption, followed by South korea. China UVCC will be the fastest growing market, mainly due to growth in the manufacturing industry driven, similarly, demand for high performance coatings and industrial coatings and other electronic terminal users also drives the rapid development of UVCC market, improve the environmental protection laws and regulations has also led to the innovation and development of UVCC this kind of environmentally friendly products the.
UV wood paint is the paint varieties of this area’s largest wood and furniture industry, mainly by the ultra high quality and low VOC and fast construction requirements driven, consumer demand is the largest Chinese, followed by Germany and the United states.
Because of the characteristics of environmental protection and the curing time is very short, driven by the application of UV coating in multiple terminal areas increased significantly. The terminal application field of industrial coating is the fastest, 2014-2019 compound annual growth rate will reach 9.3%, to 2019, it is estimated that about 3\/4 of the new industrial coatings consumption demand will be derived from UV coating products. The global network learned in UVCC coatings for applications in the field of the electronic components such as plastic coating and floor coatings are obviously accelerated development. The application of UV coating growth in industrial coatings is global, growth and application in the field of electronic products is mainly in the Asia Pacific region.
Two, the market application of UV curable coatings:
Applied to wood: waterborne light curing coatings have higher application value in the field of wood and wood finishing. With low solid content varnish, it has excellent wood appearance, which can increase the beauty of wood. Waterborne UV coatings development and application in the earlier paper polishing oil, dilute with water to avoid solvent and active diluent on human contact damage, to achieve low VOC recovery, easy paper processing, to achieve the environmental targets, so it has broad market prospects.
Used in plastic by Waterborne UV coatings prepared by direct emulsification process, with excellent physical mechanical properties and water resistance! Alkali resistance, solvent type UV coating and its properties reach the level is better than that of water soluble or self emulsified Waterborne UV coatings, can meet the requirements of application areas are more harsh on the surface coating performance in the mobile phone, computer and other requirements.
Waterborne UV curable coatings for plastic varnish has excellent adhesion, solve the general water-based UV coating UV coating on the common disadvantage relative to the gloss, hardness and wear resistance, water resistance and other aspects, either as a plastic coating surface finish, or directly used for plastic surface treatment have a strong competitive force.
At present, in Europe and other developed countries, some companies have introduced UV light curing water-based coating products, mainly used in plastics, varnishes, paint, ink and so on. Although the plastic coating is still solvent coatings, but waterborne coatings market will become increasingly stringent environmental regulations and its technology and rising gradually improved, high performance and low VOC waterborne plastic coatings combined with wide application prospect. The development of Waterborne UV curable coatings, is bound to be more consistent with the times, and eventually replace the solvent based paint.
Three, UV coating properties:
The use of professional 1.UV coating UV paint, UV paint is different from the ordinary furniture enterprises commonly used PU paint, PE paint and NC paint, is the real green paint, does not contain any volatile substances, the production of UV coating production line products of green, health and environmental protection.
2.UV paint film is three-dimensional structure, high hardness, good wear resistance, good transparency, so it was born in the UV coating line products, scratch resistance, friction resistance, stand the test of time.
The mechanical equipment on 3.UV coating overcomes the man-made factors in manual operation, and makes the products less chromatic aberration and stable quality.
4.UV coating in the coating process, the harmful substances in the plate decomposition, and ultraviolet light curing machine drying treatment, the product is more healthy and environmentally friendly.

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