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In recent years, people have seen all kinds of glass walls, which are called glass partition walls. As the glass partition wall is more beautiful, generous, and bright, the owners decoration, often choose glass partition wall. Moreover, the glass partition wall size varies, different brands of glass partition wall prices are different. They are a fashionable new product of today’s society. Mainly used in major shopping malls or supermarkets, as well as office buildings. They can be decorative effect, but also can play a practical effect.

Glass partition wall characteristics

1, no pollution, immediately after use.

2, may exchange the azimuth at any time, after the disassembly and assembly damage is small, reduces the expense which occurs.

3, cable laying, maintenance, replacement convenience, strong or weak electricity departure.

4, green building materials, the use of long life, more cost-effective.

5, sound insulation, good sealing. ,

6, the door lock device in the middle, the use of convenience.

7, not dirty, clean free.

8, sound insulation effect is good.

9, a variety of colors can be deployed.

10, fire resistance is 30MIN, 60MIN or longer.

Glass partition wall advantage

The glass partition wall is practical and can be repeatedly moved, folded and used. It is green and economical.

Glass partition wall price

由于玻璃隔断墙的材质、品牌、型号及制作方法不同,按照玻璃价格每平方米计算,Glass partition wall price一般在几百元每平米左右。

Note: this price is for reference only! Due to the different regions, of course, the price will vary. For more details about the price, please quote the local distributor as the standard!

Glass partition wall installation

Space independent and interlinked, simple installation, not included in the installation, as long as the instructions to install it.

Is your glass partition wall safe?

For safety, use safety glass. The gap between the bottom of the glass and the bottom of the groove is not less than two pieces of PVC or the rubber supporting block with a hardness of 80-90, and the supporting length is not less than 1Omm.

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Glass partition wall

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