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Glass glue will emit a harmful gas when in use, the gas is with a certain degree of toxicity, but the toxicity is not, therefore, when in use must be careful not to make their skin contact to use glass glue to seal well, after all, do not let children touch. The following small series for everyone to introduce the composition of glass glue and glass glue quality identification.

Composition of glass glue

Different glass glue, its composition is different, characteristics are different, generally better glass glue, the main component is silicone, other add material consumption is less, but such as acid glue, add acetic acid and so on.

Glass glue quality discrimination

1, smell the smell

When can distinguish glass glue smell, good glass glue, it smells more light, if the poor quality of glass glue, it smells more soluble, and good quality glass glue in the process of curing the smell will soon disappear.

2, than gloss

Different glass glue, its luster is different, the quality of the glass glue after curing strong gloss, but the poor quality of glass glue, in curing a few months later will lose luster.

3, check particles

Good quality glass glue, delicate texture, uniform, smooth, good gloss after curing; however, the poor quality of the glass glue instead, there are particles, sundries, cured rubber surface is not smooth, high quality plastic.

4. Test the curing effect

At the time of construction, it is possible to check the curing time of the glass adhesive according to the instructions on the package. If the time is too short or too long, the quality of the glass adhesive is found to be a problem.

5, test and tension

The cured glass glue its tensile strength and peel strength of glass glue quality is different, good glass adhesive tensile force is extremely strong, stretching rate, peel strength.

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