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Although glass glue is a very small thing, but its utilization rate is very high, such as: fixed glass, fixed basin and toilet have to use glass glue. However, different circumstances also use different glass glue, if used the wrong glass glue will lead to mildew, and even the window leaks, water leakage and other troubles. Therefore, the following is a brief introduction to the use of glass glue and glass adhesive removal methods.

Method for using glass glue

1, first to clean the joint surface of the water, grease and other debris, with a dry cloth scrub, so that the surface dry and clean.

2, you can use plastic tape to cover the surface of the interface, so as to ensure the integrity of the work shoes strip.

3, according to the joint size by 45° cut off the corner, and then loaded on the nose tube.

4. Press the glue gun and make sure that the material is tightly contacted with the base material. If the seam width is greater than 18 mm, you need to repeatedly glue, after gluing, use a knife to trim the surface, remove excess glue, and then remove the tape, if there is a stain, you can use a damp cloth to remove.

5, sealant in general at room temperature for about 10 minutes, the surface can be vulcanized, and so on, complete vulcanization takes a long time, this depends on the thickness of the coating and the temperature of the environment, humidity varies.

Glass adhesive removing method

1, glass glue is not cured, better cleaning, whether it is clothing or body, as long as gently scrub with a cloth, you can easily remove, this is no cure cleaning is the simplest.

2, if in the installation of glass accidentally stained with glass glue, you can use the blade gently scraped, but be careful, can not be too hard, or it will scratch the glass.

3, different glass glue also have different characteristics, glass glue can be divided into acidic and neutral glass glue glass glue, but contain substances are different, so we can not use the same method to remove, otherwise it will cause unexpected results.

4, you can use banana water clear, because the banana water has “ butyl acetate ” ingredients, can be effectively dissolved in various organic solvents, the effect is very good.

5, you can use a water wash, the effect is good, a water wash is not high, only need to wash the nail polish nail polish can be, because nature and type of solid glass glue almost, not easy clean also belongs to high viscosity.

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