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Children are the parents of a pearl in the palm of each, parents want to give their children a healthy environment, children’s room as a child of the living room, directly affect the children’s physical and mental health. Children’s room cleaning and maintenance is the concern of many parents, following the following Xiaobian together to see the children’s room cleaning and maintenance matters.

First, the breeding of serious disaster areas, the most important clean ground

The ground is the hardest hit area of bacteria and bacteria, and children often play on the ground. If the ground is not always clean, it is easy to dip on the bacteria and affect the health.

1 、 floor cleaning and maintenance

The most suitable building material for children’s rooms is the floor, but the cracks in the floor are easy to accumulate bacteria. When the children play on the ground, they are easy to contact with bacteria. Pay attention to three points: 1 floor cleaning and maintenance, routine maintenance, use a clean cloth or vacuum cleaner to clean the most convenient; 2, if in the real stains, tea stains, coffee stains, floor cleaner can be used for cleaning; 3, regular use of disinfectants is necessary, diluted disinfectant wipe every week, attention must wring dry cloth.

2 、 carpet cleaning and maintenance

In addition to the floor, the most commonly used materials for children’s rooms and carpets, carpet easy to breed mites and other bacteria, bacteria, children often play on the ground, hand prone to bacteria. The carpet should be vacuumed two to three times a week, and the bedroom should be vacuumed at least once a week. For fruit juice and other stains, water can be added 5% of ammonia water poured on the stall, clean with a towel.

3 、 plastic floor cleaning and maintenance

In order to allow children to play on the ground, many people will build plastic flooring in children’s rooms, because floor adhesive is made by PVC, so it is necessary to avoid chemicals, cigarette butts, oil and so on. Plastic floors need to be cleaned regularly and cleaned with a wring cloth to protect the floor.

Two, the wall environment affected, look at the wall cleaning and maintenance

The wall is in regular contact with children in the room, such as bed beside the wall, playing space walls, especially a toddler, often leaning wall walk, it is easier to come into contact with the wall of bacteria.

1, wallpaper cleaning and maintenance

In order to create colorful children’s rooms, many parents will choose to shop wallpaper. Wallpaper maintenance is essential. It is better not to use water or wet cloth to scrub. It is recommended that you clean it every 3 or 6 months. Paper wallpaper can be vacuumed. For adhesive surface wallpaper, you can use a neutral solution cleaning agent, the treatment of stubborn stains is a mixture of alcohol and detergent, spray in the stain, and then gently wipe with hot towel.

2, wall paint cleaning and maintenance

In addition to wallpaper, wall paint is also the longest parent child room decoration materials. Children love to write and draw on the wall, choose easy to scrub wall paint, is conducive to the protection of the wall; usually want to clean the children to stay on the wall of “ works ” can use sandpaper gently wipe.

Three, furniture beds are clean, children’s rooms fully functional

In addition to building materials and home appliances, children’s rooms and furniture and soft products, cleaning and maintenance of these products can not be ignored.

1, bookcase cleaning and maintenance

Bookcase is an important furniture for children’s rooms, because bookcase is placed books, paper goods easily mildew, so bookcase should be placed in the dry and ventilated position, to prevent bookcases and books encountered water wet.

2 、 wardrobe cleaning and maintenance

Wardrobe cleaning should be avoided using wood damage, alcohol, detergents and other irritating and corrosive chemicals. As long as usual to clean cloth to wipe it, but if there is dirt, you can consider using soap or neutral detergent, has a damp cloth to wipe.

3. Cleaning and maintenance of sheets

The bed is the place that contacts with the human body most, so the bacterium on the bed is easy to reach our body. For the cleaning of the bed, we should pay attention to fold the quilt every day, pull out the mosquito net and ventilate.

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