Future trend of toughened coating powder Market

[] toughened coating powder Market in the future development trend of — — according to experts, the past 20 years, coating powder pollution serious tendency of forcing people to put a lot of financial and material resources for the end of treatment, but because of the expansion of industrialization, the rapid increase of pollutants, the end of treatment showed significant limitations.
People began to wake up to the end of the pollution, and governance, as the development of alternative products, adjustment process and configuration, the elimination of waste in production before, namely coating glue powder, clean production, in order to minimize pollution. In order to replace harmful and poisonous coatings, all kinds of new environmental protection coatings emerge as the times require.
According to the actual requirements of the product, low VoCs value and low solubility in water can be used. A coating that is biodegradable in the natural environment and has no biological or toxic accumulation in the food chain. Can use toughened coating, rubber powder, powder coating or high solid paint, reduce or stop using poisonous heavy metal pigment, etc..
The antifouling coating for example, currently on the market there are a variety of environmentally friendly antifouling paint pot without popular, acrylic resin coatings are the precipitation of the polymer, but the lactic acid polymer as antifouling coatings Chicco biodegradable, precipitation but no residue, and non precipitation type antifouling coating composition with silicone resin and surface treatment agent the research is being developed, will soon be widely used.

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