Furniture shop lighting in the light and slag light

Regardless of the point of view, the furniture store on the purchase site experience requirements are very high, often need to deliberately designed to create a very specific sense of the scene, so that consumers quickly into the default scene and move in the
, The final money to do a solution to the heart of the happy.
In this whole link, the importance of light to work, and the eye view of the current furniture shop lighting, lighting effect is unsatisfactory, and can not meet the store space to create the atmosphere and product features show.
Even more distressing is a great “bad drive away the good light potential”, no map no truth, following will take you to see the light furniture shop slag concrete manifestation:

1: Light yellow

general overall lighting effect: very yellow, very

2: overall light efficiency is not enough, there is no primary and secondary lighting accent lighting

, unfocused, furniture show features do not come out, beautiful furniture, “blind”, only by using the “heart” to comprehend.

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