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With the development of modern people aesthetic improvement, we become an indispensable product decoration floor is also an indispensable element of modern family living, and now living in more people on the floor, the floor price of the brand specific situation is not understand, here we have to introduce a floor and floor: how a price list.

How about a, fudeli flooring:

As “ oak age ” founder and leader, fudeli has always been committed to the relationship between innovation of oak culture and quality of life style, form design of the international team, the perfect floor decoration and aesthetic Home Furnishing international synchronous fusion.

1, oak for life to elegant, extraordinary quality definition

In order to allow more people to experience the full range of oak quality beauty, fudeli in the domestic first &ldquo life Museum; oak ” unique experience mode, become the largest European and American oak culture and product exhibition platform, to further promote the domestic mainstream consumer era of oak. In 7 years of oak culture focused exploration, fudeli fully explore the unique qualities of oak natural kind and elegant extraordinary, and on the basis of global research on continuous product development style oak.

In 2, fudeli, zero distance feeling the international forefront of the trend of the floor

Antique series of classical life deep and pastoral leisure, life relief all-match series series full of sense of design, and “ American retro ” red oak floor is full of vicissitudes of old handmade texture, fine oak fudeli brought together the most complete international pop style, to meet the diverse needs of the whole Home Furnishing era.

In 2010, fudeli “ oak life ” product design in the new stage, the design team for the international advanced production technology and advanced aesthetic integration, new emphasis on natural beauty, comfort and environmental protection floor. The length and width of free style oak (wood) floor, geothermal special carbonized oak wood floors, the only domestic listed sales in Germany, French oak, 100% original European vegetable oil pollution-free process of smoke, carbonation, sawtooth oak and three layer plate art mosaic products.

Two, a floor price list:

Edit summary: fudeli flooring and floor price list how fudeli is introduced to here, hope can help to you, for more information please pay attention to regulating the family network.

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