Fu Neng Futures Rubber Data Weekly

Hujiao this week (18970, 305.00, 1.63%) first rose and then, the spot price of RMB rose on Thursday last week, up 300-800 yuan / ton, with the main contract funds to lighten up, plus Thailand’s second installment
Chu smooth completion, Hujiao began a substantial correction, the spot price with the downward trend.
The downstream factory started to return to normal, the overall tire factory started, holding businessmen shipped positive, the week is part of the inquiry, but because there are some stocks in the factory, and large quantities of orders have not yet appeared, the stock consumption is slow, so the actual
Demand is not busy, mainly small weekly transactions.
As of Thursday’s close, the Shanghai market 15 years of state-owned latex offer at 20,100 yuan / ton, compared with last week’s rise of 3.61%.
Week the highest price of 20700 yuan / ton, the lowest price of 19500 yuan / ton.

Hujiao first rose this week after the fall, Qingdao Free Trade Zone, the US gold plastic offer rose after the slow down.
Weekly bonded area US gold plastic with the overall price rose 70-100 US dollars / ton, business positive offer, but the downstream demand has not yet fully recovered, the market inquiry scarce, most of the wait-and-see state.
After the collective decline in industrial products and Jiaojia prices weak sideways shocks, the Free Trade Zone, the dollar offer a high rate of gains, but the instability caused by the market turnover is still limited.
Downstream factories for a while and digest the pre-inventory, or appropriate market to find the March-May cargo, trading less active.
As of Wednesday, Thailand 20 # standard glue near Hong Kong or Hong Kong offer in 2400-2410 US dollars / ton, the transaction price of 2380-2400 US dollars / ton; mixed plastic offer in the 2420-2450 US dollars / ton, the reference price of 2400-
2420 US dollars / ton; Yan Pianjiao offer at 2920 US dollars / ton, traded scarce.

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