From light to dark green flooring industry green road to usher in a new situation

[recently] the green building &middot in the first hot summer and cold winter zone, with &ldquo and green building materials &rdquo as the theme, opened at the Nanjing International Exhibition center. Hundreds of famous enterprises both at home and abroad have exhibited and displayed the top technology and green elements in the field of architecture. As a relatively mature industry in the building materials industry, the flooring industry has been working on the track of green products in recent years.
Traditional production methods have changed in the flooring market
By building “ green ” to “ green ”, highlights the profound changes in the domestic construction industry the traditional mode of production. In the property market in the current development of the crossroads, but also urgently requires flooring enterprises “ rely on the new strong ” win market favor.
“ the one hand Yajian excess capacity, especially the elimination of backward production capacity, on the one hand and cultivate new growth points. ” early in the eighth summer Davos forum experts have pointed out that the industry to achieve the transformation and upgrading of butterfly ” “, cannot do without reform, of which “ material innovation ” will become an important driving force for reform. Looking at the development of technology industry, there is no speculation about material innovation. For the flooring industry, the change of the floor material is bound to bring a new industrial revolution.
The road of green development of flooring enterprises should pay attention to quality and efficiency
In January 2014, the country launched the “green building action plan” proposed in 12th Five-Year, “ ” during the completion of the new green building of 1 billion square meters, by the end of 2015, 20% new urban construction to achieve green building standards. At the same time, the existing buildings will be converted to nearly 600 million square meters. The plan calls for the development of the building materials industry in the future, from &ldquo to incremental expansion of &rdquo, to &ldquo, quality and efficiency, &rdquo, and green development.
Under such circumstances, green buildings, such as flooring industry, are speeding up the distribution of the original construction industry, triggering a wave of change. Insiders said, according to the “plan” target estimation, &ldquo ” 12th Five-Year; during the green building green building materials can be driven by market demand of 2 trillion yuan market, “ cake ” Synchronous Boost is huge, new building materials, such as intelligent building industry development confidence. A series of good news inspired, let the green building from one-way to film, from the city to the countryside, from light green to dark green.
Building “ made in China ” has ushered in a new round of green science and technology to strengthen the tendons and bones. Analysts pointed out that with the construction industry change storm more and more prosperous, the market “ catfish effect ” has been highlighted. According to the basic requirements of new building materials related to the optimization of the industrial structure, we must realize the transformation of the industrial cycle, green, low carbon, there is no way this is the inevitable choice of the scientific development of the industry.

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