Frequent LED public lighting market competition quality prob

Shanxi Provincial Commission by letter after the Spring Festival in 2014 issued a “plan” to accelerate the development of energy-saving environmental protection industry industrial action, Shanxi province will implement the public domain LED lighting full coverage of the project, to 2015, to the province’s public lighting field LED lighting transformation.

The policy of pushing and lighting products prices fell rapidly, the domestic demand of LED public lighting market will surge, the entire LED industry chain investment focus is gradually transferred to the middle and lower reaches.

But at the same time, the lack of standard, vicious competition, product homogeneity and uneven levels of quality problems also follow, in the background of development, LED lighting business scale, ranging from power began to differentiate, the LED lighting market also presents new competition.

Although in the past year, the development of domestic LED public lighting market is like a raging fire, but can not be ignored is that the problems of the LED vicious competition among enterprises, products and quality are uneven in quality problems emerge in an endless stream.

At the end of October 2013, LED street light controller and products of Guangdong Province Bureau of quality and technical supervision of 40 enterprises in 9 areas of Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Zhuhai, Foshan, Huizhou, Dongguan, Jiangmen, Shunde, the production of 40 batches of checks showed that up to 25% of the proportion of unqualified products.

In addition, LED engineering lighting renovation project completed in the past two years, the country has been in the construction, a lot of LED street reconstruction project appeared quality problem. Such as the LED street reconstruction project of Nanchang Bayi Avenue, Jinsha street, Zhejiang Jinhua city Wucheng New District of Dongguan city streets and other places are due to accidents and complaints about blind light.

Then, the main responsibility of the above quality accident is the natural, successful enterprises and manufacturers on product quality control is missing, or interested in winning products for jerry. But an overlooked phenomenon is that some local governments in the tender, one hand LED street lamp products bidding enterprises must ensure high quality and high performance requirements, but in the process but the price pressure is quite low, leading to the supplier or manufacturer can hardly earn considerable profits.

For example, in 2013 has caused widespread concern in the industry of Shanxi’s 2 billion administrative village street LED street lighting project, many successful LED companies have said that the cost is too high, the profit is too low, and low cost of the enterprise do, and some enterprises even after winning the selection of calibration.

In addition to the quality risks, vicious competition among enterprises downstream LED lighting can also occur.

“In the South China Sea Road section energy-saving LED street lamp project after the unsuccessful bid to complain about our suppliers had malicious demand, they are actually in the bidding process of the most severe price pressure.” Yang Yuehua reluctantly said, in the municipal engineering lighting project, this vicious competition has been very difficult to find It is often seen., compromise solution.

“The change of government influence, in 2013 the domestic LED lamps and other lighting engineering market has slowed, the LED business to government orders is very competitive.” Elec-Tech secretaries Dunfee told reporters that in recent years the number of new LED lighting enterprises gradually increased, and the size of the upper and middle reaches of the LED enterprises to speed up the downstream vertical integration, the market capacity of LED project has been quite limited.

The volatility of the policy process in the municipal engineering project is relatively large, so the development of LED industry in the future more in the field of commercial lighting.” KingSun deputy general manager Zhu Bingzhong said, LED lighting is still going to the civilian market.

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