Fortune to the floor how, deep lying double 11 wealth to the floor of the coronation road 0

Everyone knows, the floor is to create a fashion home essential products, but in the face of a large number of wooden floors, you know what brand is better? Here we will introduce: money to the floor how, and deep lying double 11 fortune to the floor of the coronation road.

How about dirt on the floor?:

Property to the floor is Shu wood group company’s network for the brand, belonging to the Hefei Meiboer building materials Co. ltd.. Founded in 1987, the group is the largest private enterprise engaged in flooring production, sales and service in Anhui province. In 2003, the company established a large floor production base in Shanghai, covering an area of 48 thousand square meters, in the beautiful Shanghai garden, the Millennium Garden, and the ancient town of Zhujiajue. The company has imported advanced equipment and technology from Germany, Italy, Switzerland and Taiwan, and has become one of the largest flooring manufacturers in china. By the end of 2007, the group has been in the country more than 20 provinces with a total of more than 400 floor stores, formed a set of floor management, service integration chain sales outlets, set procurement, production, sales, retail, warehousing, distribution, installation, maintenance, maintenance and integration. In 2007, the group took the lead in successfully developing a new generation of floor antibacterial technology &ldquo, nano silver antibacterial technology ”. And obtained the national invention patent technology (patent number 2006200469903).

The road to coronation with a deep 11 estate on the floor:

In 2015, Tmall double 11 curtain, Tmall all day turnover of up to 91 billion 200 million yuan, once again substantially refresh last year’s transaction record. Among them, the floor leading brand property to the floor, the whole network of 13 stores in 24 hours, up to 109 million of the total transaction amount of the coronation floor category champion, refresh the record industry sales floor.

According to Tmall official data show that the double 11 day property to the flagship store store to 28 million 670 thousand yuan turnover in the first floor category. Property to the floor is Chinese wood flooring manufacturing electrical goods category of well-known enterprises in Shu group, relying on the Taobao platform to start again, in the event of double 11 electricity supplier to blaze a new trail, won the top floor industry, it is understood that this year’s double 11, the traditional line of business have been involved in the electricity business, Dekor, nature, life at home scholarly, such as a large number of brands to join the fray, flooring industry competition is more intense than in previous years, more money, Baer, Shun, etc. eleven regulars Dekor flooring industry, war of four, smoke.

According to the relevant person in charge of the floor to the floor, “ as early as a few months ago, Choi to the floor began to layout double 11, looking global, select high-quality wood species, and strive to improve product core competitiveness. Scientific preparation, expansion, mapping, professional training, marketing, and make adequate preparations. Commenting on this year’s double 11 competitive environment and damage, nature, EMC, Baer flooring brand full force, to the floor property relevant responsible person said, “ property floor to thank the team every fighting buddy, in the face of fierce market competition, they unremittingly, pressure free from arrogance and impetuosity. As the power, 48 hours of fighting, the money to the floor to get the results, from the double eleven campaign talent shows itself in the pack. ”

Editor’s summary: to the floor of the money and how deep lying double 11 wealth to the floor of the coronation of the road introduced here, hope to help you, more information, please pay attention to qijia.

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